The call is open – apply for 9th ScripTeast edition

One a year there is a chance like that: experienced screenwriters from Central and Eastern Europe can apply to participate in ScripTeast– one of the best and most efficient training programs for scriptwriters. The recruitment for 9th edition is on! It’s worth the effort: 11 scripts, which took part in earlier editions, are already produced and further ones are in production.

Till the end of July 2014 experienced screenwriters from Central and Eastern Europe can submit their scripts via www.scripteast.pl and by post. Every year Independent Film Foundation, ScripTeast organizer, chooses from several dozen of submitted scripts, 10 to 12 projects, which take part in the program.

The goal of this project is to help to master the scripts in terms of international and marketing potential, also and most of wall taking into concideration chances for international cooperation when it comes to production.

ScripTeast is a chance for one-to-one consultations with the best from the best among worldwide acclaimed filmmakers. Among creative advisors there were (among others): Eran Kolirin, who won with his directorial debut„The Band's Visit” won over 50 prizes, Michael Schiffer, screenwriter of the triple Oscar nominated „Crimson Tide”, Miguel Machalski, one of the world best consultants and script analyst, who worked on „ Billy Elliot” and Intymacy” or Petr Zelenka, author (director and scriptwriter) of „ Buttoners” and „ Year of the Devil”. ScripTeast is a chance for the participants to get so close to the trade as possible. It improves participants' networking skills by introducing them to the world film industry trough individual meetings with directors, scriptwriters, producers, acquisition and sales agents and being active during two international film festivals.

A year long program consists of three stationary session and online cooperation with advisors. First stationary session takes place in Poland, second – during Berlinale. Final session takes place in Cannes during the IFF where the best script of a given edition is presented with the Krzysztof Kieslowski ScripTeast Award. The Award – apart from statuette designed by Adam Fedorowicz – means also 10.000 Euro money prize to be spent on further work on the project. 

Accepting applications for 9th edition of ScripTeast has just begun. The deadline for sending the scripts is July 31st. Along with a cover letter the authors are requested to apply with a script. Application package in English only should be sent in two ways: an online application via www.scripteast.pl and a hard copy by regular post to Independent Film Foundation address.

First stationary session will take place in Poland in autumn. In the 2014/2014 edition participants will work with a group of internationally renowned advisors under the guidance of Heads of Studies – Christian Routh and Tom Abrams.

ScripTeast is organized by the Independent Film Foundation and supported by Media Programme, Polish Film Institute and Apple Film Production, with partnership of European Film Academy, Producers Network and ACE, Transatlantic Partners and Film New Europe.

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