It’s probably to fill your “think tank” with information and to network.

Stereopsia scouted the Earth to unearth the world’s best “immersion” surprises for you. The program of the Professional Conference (PCON) contains several surprising titles like “The end of storytelling & the future of immersive narrative” & “Follow flirtation: how human intimacy is defining the future of frontier tech”, by Stephanie Riggs & Natacha Merritt, resp., members of Women in VR.

To whet your appetite, Stereopsia asked Natacha Merritt to give a preview of her presentation:

“This talk explores frontier technology as it relates to intimacy. It’s a novel perspective of the current state of VR, social media, big data, and chatbots. Natacha Merritt tells her personal story, from her best seller “Digital Diaries” - the first digital photography book - to VR developer to tech venture capitalist and back. While many are focused on marginalizing erotic content, Natacha takes the opposite approach. From a Darwinian evolutionary perspective, she demonstrates that we should all be asking ourselves “How can I use this new technology for sex or intimacy?” She argues that this has the power to create an ethical checks and balances between humanity and the technology around us. By focusing on the intimate and sexual uses of tech we can find great investments, cure loneliness, and save ourselves from tech dystopia.”

If this abstract surprises you, Stereopsia has already succeeded in one of its missions, and this presentation is for you! Please, dig for it in the PCON program. You’ll also see that N. Merritt is an experienced angel investor & entrepreneur, as she will also talk about “VR AR investing in Silicon Valley: trends from top VCs”. As for the Valley, Baobab Studios will also be present with a surprising-title presentation “Jumping Through the 4th Wall: Baobab’s adventures in VR storytelling”, by Kane Lee.