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Press releases 2017-12-02

Citizens of Split exhilarated with the new ultra-modern cinema in Dalmatia and unique 4DX™ screen

The largest multiplex cinema in Dalmatia - CineStar 4DX™ Mall of Split – celebrated its grand opening on December 1st 2017. Around 1,000 attendees were astounded by the new CineStar that is destined to become the next favourite hangout for the Dalmatian film connoisseurs. The largest cinema in Dalmatia is equipped with most up-to-date technology that elevates cinema viewing and takes it to that next level. It consists of 9 screens with 1,386 seats in total, along with a unique eXtreme and revolutionary 4DX™ screen. Equipped with movement simulators that follow the action on the screen, 4DX™ screen has as many as 15 special effects including the brand new effect of snow, only available at Split location. It is exactly 4DX™ effects - water, bubbles, fog, air, movement, light, smell, wind, snow, rain storm and others that contribute to a more realistic cinematic experience so that cinema visitor can truly experience the feel of a terrible storm, or a gentle breeze, as well as a smoke filled explosion or simply a pleasant smell of coffee. The newest CineStar in Split will be the fourteenth CineStar cinema in Croatia, and the second in town Split. Cinema is fully equipped with Barco laser projectors, making it the second of its kind theatre in Croatia (along with Kaptol Boutique Cinema by CineStar Cinemas in Zagreb). The top-of-the-art Barco laser phosphor digital cinema projector uses blue lasers and a phosphor wheel to create a full spectrum of colours, and DCI compliant in terms of the superb image quality. In addition to its high illumination power, laser technology also offers a higher picture contrast than standard digital projectors, visibly increasing the image quality and making it more agreeable to human eye. With state of the art technology, the new Split cinema excels with its singular interior design that fuses modern technology with the creative designs of acknowledged famous Croatian interior designers. Alongside the two Birthday Celebration Rooms for the youngest visitors, cinema visitors can also enjoy the unique modern design of CinemaBar with its singular design and separate smoking room. CineStar 4DX™ Split cinema visitors will also be able to enjoy the well know services of CineStar, such as My CineStar Wednesday, Matinees, Family Packages, Birthday celebrations and loyalty programs that enable savings and ticket purchase online. As Blitz-CineStar continues its investment cycle with the opening of the largest multiplex in Split, a cycle that company has been implementing for the past 14 years and during which it opened 20 multiplexes in the region with a total of 129 screens and approximately 21,000 seats. The total investment of Blitz-CineStar with partners from Mall of Split is over 5 mil euros. CineStar Cinems is the first cinema chain to have introduced in Croatia 3D technology in its cinemas, Auro 11.1 3D sound, 4K technology as well as the ultra-superior cinema formats such as IMAX, 4DX and Gold Class and latest, unique Boutique Cinema, as a new concept in cinematic experience that leaves no visitor indifferent to its charm and originality. Blitz-CineStar creates and continuously develops its CineStar brand that stands for a high quality. In the years 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2015, the CineStar brand has been awarded the Superbrands title. In 2009 the CineStar brand has been vote among 30 brands of high consumer trust. It was also awarded the Best Buy Award for year 2011 and 2016 based on the opinion of Croatian consumers. Blitz-CineStar has been showing the latest films of the leading film studios and introducing the latest technologies and an offer that ensures sustainable profitability and growth. In 2016 CineStar acquires the status of Superbrands Exclusive in which once again confirms its excellence.