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European Film Academy Board appeals to EP Members

Press releases 2017-12-11


European Film Academy Board appeals to the EP members to respect the JURI mandate on the proposed Broadcasters’ Regulation

On the occasion of the General Assembly of the European Film Academy (EFA) in Berlin on 9 December 2017, the EFA Board has expressed its deep concern that the future of Europe’s film culture may be at stake should the fundamental principle of financing and distributing movies across the EU be unnecessarily jeopardized. As an example, the EFA Board has mentioned the so-called Broadcasting Regulation and the proposed extension of the Country of Origin (CoO) principle, which it sees as a threat for the territoriality principle and the economic viability and diversity of European film culture. 

The Board reminded of the fact that the members of the audio-visual sector in Europe, be they writers, directors, producers, actors, or professionals in the fields of production, marketing, distribution and exhibition, have expressed their opposition to the proposed Regulation on numerous occasions. These concerns were considered in all responsible committees of the European Parliament and are also reflected in the well-balanced positioning of the leading Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI).

For the sake of a vibrant and diverse audio-visual landscape and the requirements of the audiences across Europe the EFA Board appeals to the members of the European Parliament to respect this mandate in the plenary session on 12 December