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2nd International Conference on Film Education

Press releases 2018-03-06

Film education offers exciting opportunities for new and innovative ways of teaching. At the 2nd International Conference on Film Education, we will present examples of good practices in film education taking place in schools and cinemas, involving close co-operation between teachers and filmmakers. We will learn about the various ways of leading workshops and conducting discussions around film. Part of the conference will also be devoted to reflecting on the possible impact of film education programmes and their evaluation. The conference is aimed at professionals working in pre-school, and primary and secondary education, as well as at other experts interested in the subject from Slovenia and beyond.

Lectures will occasionally be delivered in Slovenian and English. At Kinodvor, they will be interpreted into Slovenian and English. At the Slovenian Cinematheque, however, lectures will not be translated.

Partners: Kinodvor, Slovenian Cinematheque (the Understanding Film project) and Slovenian Art Cinema Association (the Primary School of Film project).

The programme is available online: http://www.kinodvor.org/en/2nd-international-conference-on-film-education/