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The Road Movie candidate for Oscar award

Press releases 2018-11-08
The Road Movie by Dimitrij Kalashnikov The Road Movie by Dimitrij Kalashnikov

The minority Croatian co-production, the feature documentary film The Road Movie, directed by Dimitrij Kalashnikov, whose co-producer is Srđan Šarenac and Novi Film, is an Oscar Award nomination candidate.

‘Oscillope (U.S.A.) distributed the film across 80 cinemas in the United States and Canada which automatically made the film a candidate for an Oscar nomination in the category ‘Best Feature Documentary Film’. We also received a lot of support from Aleksandar Govedaric who represents the American-Canadian distributor Syndicado,’ said Srđan Šarenac, the film’s co-producer. Šarenac said he was invited into the project by executive producer Volia Chajokuskaya, whom he met at the Minsk International Film Festival where his previous film, Village Without Women, won Best Documentary Film.

The Road Movie is a Belarussian-Russian-Croatian-Serbian-B&H-American co-production. The film is a portrait of Russia through footage shot from a car. The Croatian co-producer is Novi Film.

Dimitrij Kalashnikov’s documentary film premiered in competition at the 2016 IDFA International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam.

The Road Movie is one of, for now, 160 documentary films who have qualified to be a candidate for a Best Feature Documentary Film Oscar nomination. Members of the American Film Academy will have to narrow the list down to 15 films, and in November will receive one final list of films to consider for a nomination. The final list of Oscar nominees will be announced on January 22nd, while the awards ceremony will be held on February 24th, 2019.