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Europa Distribution - Let's Talk - November 2018

Press releases 2018-11-13

Do you prefer hiking the Austrian mountains waiting for the first snow or would you rather take a few last swims in the Greek sea? On our autumn edition we take you in both territories, to discover more about the challenges and initiatives of independent film distributors in Austria and in Greece. 

And if two countries are not enough to satisfy your European spirit, you can find here the second chapter of our Media Success Stories, dedicated to some successful Media funded projects and activities directly connected with distribution. 
Were you wondering what we are up to these days? In October Europa Distribution held its Annual Conference in Rome and, in partnership with the MIA market, we organized an open panel on Blockchain. Next week Europa Distribution is bringing for the first time its members to IDFA to discuss about documentary releases.

European Distribution: Focus on Greece

The members of Europa Distribution operating in the Hellenic Republic offered us a common portrait of a highly competitive market, which has undergone significant changes due to the impact of the last economic crisis in 2008. A large number of releases, a great sensitivity to the weather, a limited amount of windows and a constant search for new business models are just some of the main traits of the film distribution market in Greece.


European Distribution: Focus on Austria

A characteristic feature of the Austrian distribution market is the dependence from the German market. Most of the Austrian licenses are not acquired directly from the world sales company but as sub licenses from German distributors. Hence, even if the Austrian distributors use the German material, the profit margins are small.


MEDIA Success Stories Vol. II

After analysing the role that the MEDIA programme has had in the support of European film distribution through its schemes directly dedicated to distributors over the past years, we explore here the goals and the achievements of two projects (Scope100 and The European Film Challenge) and of one sector’s association (Europa Distribution), that all receive grants from MEDIA. Each of them contributes to the promotion and diffusion of independent European cinema with its specific tools.

Coming up Next: Europa Distribution at IDFA

“The Act of… Releasing: How to bring documentaries to theatres successfully?” For the very first time, Europa Distribution will be at the IDFA – International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam where it will hold a workshop dedicated to the distribution of documentaries. From November 18 to 20, around 20 independent distributors will participate in an open panel and a closed session of discussion organised in collaboration with IDFA as part of their Industry programme.


Blockchain: Europa Distribution Panel at MIA

With some help from experts and startup founders, the European distributor network aimed to explore this new Internet technology and its potential developments in more depth. What exactly is blockchain? How does it work? And what are the prospects for the independent distribution sector?

Carnet Rose 

The 15th of September 2018 was a special day for our member Carlo Dias from Amstel Films: he had a boy! Welcome Simao.
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