"Authors' organisations welcome a strong, cross-party support to Europe's creative community"

    EP Legal Affairs committee vote on the Copyright Directive

    Brussels, 26th February 2019

    Today, the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs committee adopted the provisional agreement on the Copyright Directive by 16 votes in favour and 9 against. As representatives of hundreds of thousands of authors, including film/TV directors, writers, literary translators, composers, songwriters, and screenwriters in Europe, we welcome this strong, cross-party support leading to the final adoption of the Directive.

    We warmly thank all the MEPs who supported the Copyright Directive and in particular those who fought hard to strengthen the authors’ bargaining power and improve their remuneration. Today’s vote sends a positive and historical signal to all citizens who want to write, compose, create and be fairly remunerated for their work.

    We now encourage all Members of the European Parliament to formally adopt the Copyright Directive without further delay.


    The European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA)

    The European Writers Council (EWC)

    The Federation of European Film Directors (FERA)

    The Federation of Screenwriters in Europe (FSE)

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    The European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA) represents over 30,000 professional composers and songwriters in 27 European countries. With 57 member organizations across Europe, the Alliance speaks for the interests of music creators of art & classical music (contemporary), film & audiovisual music, as well as popular music.

    Web: www.composeralliance.org

    EU Transparency Register ID: 71423433087-91

    EWC, founded in 1977 in Germany and newly constituted in 2006 in Brussels as an international non-profit organisation, the European Writers’ Council is the federation of 45 European national organisations of professional writers and literary translators in all genres in 34 countries. EWC’s members represent more than 160,000 authors in the book sector.

    Web: www.europeanwriterscouncil.eu

    EU Transparency Register ID: 56788289570-24

    The Federation of European Film Directors (FERA), founded in 1980, represents film and TV directors at European level, with 35 directors’ associations as members from 29 countries. We speak for more than 20,000 European screen directors, representing their cultural, creative and economic interests.

    Web: www.filmdirectors.eu

    EU Transparency Register ID: 29280842236-21


    The Federation of Screenwriters Europe is a network of national and regional associations, guilds and unions of writers for the screen in Europe, created in June 2001. It comprises 25 organisations from 19 countries, representing more than 7,000 screenwriters in Europe.

    Web: www.scenaristes.org

    EU Transparency Register ID: 642670217507-74