Emerging Producers 2020 will be introduced in Berlin

    The second leg of the Emerging Producers 2020 workshop starts today in Berlin and will be topped off by our traditional social event in honour of the up-and-coming generation of European documentary film producers. The Emerging Producers cocktail in Berlin will take place this Friday, February 21 from 9.00 PM. See you there or at EFM’s DocSalon, where our director Marek Hovorka will be available at the Meet the Festivals on February 23 – 24.

    New web portal connecting documentary film producers

    After nine editions of the Emerging Producers programme, we have launched a new web portal, which will present to you personalized profiles of all the 146 alumni of the programme. Each of the talented producers shared information about his or her preferred book, artist and inspiring films. The portal brings news and information about current projects of the Emerging Producers and also serves as a great tool to search for co-productions in Europe and selected guest countries.  Submissions to the Emerging Producers 2021 are now open, the deadline is March 15.

    Get support for your film from the Ji.hlava Film Fund!

    The Ji.hlava Film Fund provides in-kind grants totaling 20,000 EUR for visual and sound post-production of documentaries originating in Central and Eastern Europe. We are primarily looking for projects with unique authorial style and focus on contemporary and thought-provoking themes. Ji.hlava Film Fund's partners are UPPSoundsquare and the Center for Documentary Film, and the deadline for submissions is March 15.

    Ji.hlava’s films on the festival circuit

    The recent weeks brought some good news: Two documentaries from Ji.hlava 2019 were nominated for the Academy Awards – Honeyland by Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov and The Cave by Feras Fayyad. Ji.hlava’s best experimental documentary Action, Almost Unable to Think, was screened in Rotterdam, accompanied by Karel Vachek’s opus Communism and the Net or the End of Representative Democracy and The Vasulka Effect, which all premiered at Ji.hlava. Rotterdam also hosted the world premiere of Mladen Kovačević’s Merry Christmas, Yiwu, which we presented at Docu Talents from the East in 2017. Six films from Ji.hlava, including the award-winning Solo by Artemio Benki, were screened at FIPADOC in January.

    Submit your documentary to Ji.hlava IDFF 

    Film submissions to the 24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival (October 27 – November 1) are now open. We accept feature-length and short films, animated and interactive documentaries. The films premiered in Jihlava have a chance to be nominated for the European Film Academy Awards and the winners at the Ji.hlava IDFF are also eligible also for Oscar® consideration in the Documentary Short Subject and Documentary Feature Subject categories. Check the deadlines now.

    Echoes of Ji.hlava in New York, Belgium, Vienna and Bratislava

    The Echoes of Ji.hlava IDFF will again introduce a selection of remarkable film titles from our 23rd festival edition. We will start in New York on February 20–27 with screenings of the awarded films FonjaTeach and the audience's favorite Two Roads. The 8th Echoes of Ji.hlava IDFF in Belgium will be launched at the European Parliament on March 3 and continue by series of screenings in Brussels and Antwerp until March 9. Two masterclasses with progressive female directors will take place at De Cinema Antwerp and RITCS School of Arts. Vienna will host the Ji.hlava Echoes on March 9–10 and an intensive event for both general public and film professionals is planned to take place in Bratislava at the beginning of April. The Echoes of Ji.hlava are organized in collaboration with the Czech Centres network and our other great partners in the hosting cities!  

    East Doc Platform with new docs on the horizon

    East Doc Platform (March 7–13, Prague, within One World IHRDFF) brings together filmmakers from the whole world. The programme includes Czech Docs… Coming Soon presentation, revealing five upcoming films, while the East Doc Forum brings together the most promising projects from Central and Eastern Europe. One of the highlights will be the moderated panel discussion Filmmaking Against Dictatorships: How to Shoot and Keep Your Freedom, where invited guests will discuss the challenges critical filmmaking has been facing recently. To attend the programme, get the Industry Pass until February 21. The open programme is available for free, without accreditation.

    A Selection of Iranian Films Online at DAFilms.com

    Online platform for documentary films DAFilms.com brings a special program focused on Iranian documentary filmmakers. Discover this country full of a rich history and distinctive culture in selected Iranian films. You can watch Born in Evin, a personal story of filmmaker and actress Maryam Zaree or the latest film by Farahnaz Sharifi entitled Missing. Online Cinema DAFilms successfully expanded their streamable festival and documentary films to Poland and Slovakia under the domains dafilms.pl and dafilms.sk. Local viewers can browse an extended film catalogue which now includes national films as well as strong international titles.