Kids Kino Industry, the international co-production film and series pitching forum which takes place in Warsaw every September is going to be fully online this year. This is the only Polish industry event to have received funding from the European Union and recognition among European experts. 

    Kids Kino Industry is the third component of the Kids Kino programme implemented by the New Horizons Association, recognised by the film industry in Europe. Apart from the industry event, the programme consists of two parts: Kids Kino International Film Festival (as one of the three selected Polish festivals, others being the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival and the New Horizons International Film Festival) and Kids Kino.Lab, an international programme for the development of films and series for young audiences.

    ‘What felt like a bold and hardly doable plan a couple of years ago has become real! Fifteen years ago, we began by educating people in terms of film. We are now working in the area of children’s cinema in all dimensions – we organise a festival, offer film education programmes, distribute films, educate filmmakers, and meet with industry representatives and potential partners from around the globe. Kids Kino is just a dream come true!’, says Maciej Jakubczyk, a member of the board of the New Horizons Association and the director of the festival.


     360° around cinema 

    The goal of the Kids Kino project is both to widely promote children’s cinema and to support film production. Thanks to the project, it has been possible to create an effective model of presenting quality films for young audiences, which form part of the main competition at the Kids Kino Festival. The films are screened not only in Warsaw but also in about 20 other cities and towns. Then, they are regularly distributed to cinemas, television, and VOD services (accompanied by the Kids Kino Presents symbol). Next, they are sent to cinemas and cultural centres in over 90 Polish cities and towns, where they are screened at educational events for schools and pre-schools for a couple of years (within the New Horizons of Film Education programme). This allows us to present quality films to thousands of viewers for many years.

    Kids Kino supports film production as well. The projects are developed to the stage of advanced screenplay during Kids Kino.Lab workshops (one of the films developed as part of that programme is also one of the most popular children’s films from Poland: Double Trouble directed by Marta Karwowska). Later on, the projects are presented to over 200 potential business partners from the whole world who take part in the annual Kids Kino Industry event.

    Organising comprehensive and versatile projects and events concerning films for your audiences is part of the activities carried out by the Education Department of the New Horizons Association:

    • Kids Kino International Film Festival, which features more than 150 films from across the globe every year, www.kinodzieci.pl
    • Kids Kino Industry – an international film industry event focused on films and series for young audiences, www.kidskinoindustry.pl
    • Kids Kino.Lab – international workshops directed to screenwriters and producers, www.kidskinolab.pl
    • Kids Kino Presents – a film distribution brand helping to popularise children’s films in cinemas, on TV, and on VOD platforms, www.kinodzieci.pl
    • New Horizons of Film Education – a project for schools and pre-schools implemented in over 90 cities and towns in Poland, www.nhef.pl

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