Meet the Kids Kino.Lab 2020/21 Participants

    We are thrilled and excited to welcome the projects which have been selected to the 5th edition of the Kids Kino.Lab, international script development programme. 32 entries from 14 countries were submitted to the Kids Kino.Lab – the discussion took almost 3 hours and here they are!

    The Kids Kino.Lab kicks off at the beginning of 2021. We honestly can’t wait.

    Among this year's participants there are Jan Naszewski from New Europe Film Sales, Dorota Woropaj from Platige Image, and the Belgian documentary producer, Ellen De Waelle nominated for an Oscar® from Serendipity Films as well as sales agent and independent producer, Eleanor Coleman.

    Throughout the year, the twelve teams (producer + screenwriter), guided by screenwriting tutors, will be developing their work from synopsis (concept) all the way to well-developed, second draft of the screenplay with initial production assumptions. 

    5th edition of the Kids Kino.Lab will focus on developing the following projects:

    GROUP 1, tutor: Philip LaZebnik 

    – "African Room", live-action film, scriptwriter Vendula Hlásková, producer Gabriela Kostal Duchonova, Paprika Studios (Czech Republic)

    – "Planet 7693", live-action film, scriptwriter Ana Vujadinović, producer Marko Jaćimović, Giggling Goat Company (Montenegro)

    – "Midsummer Night", live-action film, scriptwriters Piotr Janusz and Tomasz Jurkiewicz, producer Michał Kowalik, Domino Film (Poland)

    – "Wanda", animated film, scriptwriters Agnieszka Matan and Joanna Pawluśkiewicz, producer Jan Naszewski, New Europe Film Sales (Poland)

    GROUP 2, tutor: Kirsten Bonen Rask

    –  "Anna's class", documentary series, scriptwriter Tijs Torfs, producer Celine Vanhoutte (Belgium)

    – "Dustzone 2- Black Merkurit", live action film, scriptwriter Štefan Titka, producer Vratislav Šlajer, Bionaut (Czech Republic)

    – "Fantastique", documentary film, scriptwriters Marjolijn Prins and David Bert Joris Dhert, producer Ellen De Waele, Serendipity Films (Belgium)

    – "Who’s That Bird?", animated film, scriptwriter Manuela Molin, producer Eleanor Coleman, ROOSTER (Austria/France)

    GROUP 3, tutor: Armin Prediger

    – "Childocracy", live-action series, scriptwriter Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce, producer Andris Gauja, RIVERBED (Latvia)

    – "Cooler Squad", animated series, scriptwriter Rafał Kidziński, producer Dorota Woropaj, Platige Image (Poland)

    – "The Lucks", animated series, scriptwriter Małgorzata Biedrońska, producer Anna Głowik, Letko (Poland)

    – "No Happily Ever After", animated series, scriptwriter Gabriela Plačková, producer Mária Môťovská, Helium Film (Czech Republic)

    5th Kids Kino.Lab will include industry masterclasses, guidance of tutors and established screenwriters as well as meetings with the producers’ tutor, Ronald Kruschak, who will help participants in developing their production plans, identifying production needs and potential problems. 

    Quick reminder!

    Kids Kino.Lab is open, the scholarship programme for people who are willing to gain the experience from our tutors and help us during the fifth edition of the Kids Kino.Lab. The application deadline is: 24 November 2020.

    Apply for a scholarship here.



    The programme is co-financed by the MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe and Polish Film Institute.

    Kids Kino.Lab partners are: Zlin Film Festival, JEF Festival, Kids Kino Industry.

    More information about our partners can be found here: https://www.kidskinolab.pl/partners/.