INPUT 2009

We are pleased to invite you to take part in INPUT
- the International Conference of Public
Televisions, which will take place on May 10-15,
2009 at the Palace of Culture and Science in

The INPUT conference is the largest international
meeting of public television stations. It is one of
those conferences that not only brings the directions of television program development
closer, but also contributes to improving the standards to which TV programs are realized.
INPUT gives birth to a new understanding of television as an institution operating in the
public interest.
INPUT takes place in a different country every year. In the past the conference has been held
in Barcelona - 2004, San Francisco - 2005, and Taiwan - 2006. Switzerland hosted INPUT in
2007 and the Republic of South Africa in 2008.
INPUT is a voluntary organization run by people who work closely with public television
stations. Organized for 30 years, the conferences have a significant impact on world-wide TV
production development, initiate co-production projects, and help creators and producers in
establishing international contacts. The name INPUT is an acronym that stands for
INternational PUblic Television.

INPUT 2009
For the first time in history in May 2009, INPUT will be held in a post-communist country. It
will be a historical moment - the 20th anniversary of the overthrow of totalitarian
communism in Central and Eastern Europe. In connection with that fact, besides creative
artists from around the world, we would like to invite the largest possible group of public
television representatives as well as creative artists and independent producers from other
post-communist countries to take part in the Warsaw Conference and to become involved in
international television cooperation.
During the Warsaw conference, as every year, several dozen of the best, most interesting and
most attractive programs and films produced by public television stations from around the
world will be presented and discussed. About a thousand creative artists, journalists, and
producers affiliated with 60 public television from every continent customarily take part in
screenings and discussions. Each year conference guests also include representatives of
cultural institutions and audiovisual organizations.
We hope that INPUT 2009 will contribute in improving collaboration among public television
stations from this part of the world and strengthening their position on the international TV
INPUT 2009 is organized by Polish Television and the City of Warsaw. The project is
directed by the world-famous Polish documentary filmmaker, Andrzej Fidyk.

To whom INPUT is addressed:

  • authors, directors, producers and journalists
  • TV producers
  • television workers and collaborators
  • channel directors and TV program managers
  • commissioning editors and editors in chief
  • journalists in traditional and new media

The cost of participating in the INPUT 2009 conference is €46.
For all those who register their participation in the conference and pay prior to January 31,
2009, the accreditation fee is €36.
The accreditation fee for students is €26. To claim the reduced fee accreditation, students
must present a valid student ID.

Registration forms for the International Public Television Conference, INPUT, are available
at http://www.input-2009.org/en/input_2009_participants_accreditation.html
More information at www.input-2009.org

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