EAVE is pleased to announce the selection for the upcoming international workshops in April 2010, supported by MEDIA International.

PUENTES Europe - Latin America Producers Workshop

First workshop: Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 8 - 11

Following the successful first edition of PUENTES in 2009, we are delighted to announce that PUENTES is back in 2010 with an extended formula of two workshops, supported by MEDIA International. EAVE and TyPA/BAL will organize a joint workshop for Latin American and European producers. Workshop 1 will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from April 8-11, 2010, within the framework of the BAFICI (Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente) and workshop 2 will take place in Gijon (Spain) in November during the Festival Internacional de Gijon.

The following producers were selected for PUENTES:

René Bastian, Belladonna Productions, Germany/USA; project: Song Without a Name

Raúl Bravo, NorteSur Producciones, Venezuela; project: Lucía

Irina Caballero, AbacaFilms & Jaguar Films, Ecuador - Panama; project: Ruta de la Luna

Nicolás Celis López, Pimienta Films, Mexico; project: El placer es mío (It's My Pleasure)

Agustina Chiarino, Control Z Films, Uruguay; project: 3

Fernanda del Nido, Tic Tac Producciones, Spain; project: Polvo (Dust)

Anna G Magnúsdóttir, LittleBig Productions, Sweden; project: The Bird Girl

Dymitr Solomko, Tank Production & Andzrej Wajda Foundation & Master School of Film Directing, Poland; project: Voliera Romance

Daniel Werner, Magoya Films & Bambú Cine, Argentina; project: Mujer Conejo (Rabbit Woman)

Paula Zyngierman, RZS Films, Argentina; project: The Land of the Carob Tree

INTERCHANGE - TFL/DIFF/EAVE Development and Co-production Workshops

First workshop: Torino, Italy, April 19 - 22

Thanks to the support of MEDIA International, TorinoFilmLab, the Dubai International Film Festival and EAVE launched a new Middle East - Europe Training INTERCHANGE, which will build cooperation between film professionals from Europe, the Gulf countries and selected countries of the Middle East (Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen). Teams of writer/director + producer will work together in 2 residential 4 and 5-day workshops, one in Torino in April and one in Dubai in December.

The following participants were selected to take part in the INTERCHANGE workshops:

Heba Abu Musaed (producer) & Zaid Abu Hamdan (writer/director), Jordan/Lebanon; project: Stuffed Marrows

Amr Alkahtani (producer) & Haifaa Al Mansour (writer/director), Saudi Arabia; project: A Personal Obligation

Talal Al-Muhanna (producer) & Khaled Mousaed (writer/director), Kuwait; project: Habibi 99

Dima Ansari Hamoud (producer), Kuwait & Hind Shoufani (writer/director), Palestine; project: This War on Love

Rumzi Araj (producer) & Suha Araj (writer/director), Palestine; project: Khsara: Void After Expiration

Marta Donzelli (producer), Italy & Zena el Khalil (writer/director), Lebanon & Gigi Roccati (writer/director), Italy; project: Beirut, I Love You

Tinatin Kajrishvili (producer), Georgia & Samer Ghorayeb (writer/director), Italy/Lebanon & Firas Khnaisser, Lebanon; project: Abundance

Manda Popat (producer), UK & Maythem Ridha (writer/director), Iraq; project: A Plane for My Soul

Christopher Simon (producer), Lebanon/Australia & Basil Khalil (writer/director), Palestine; project: Kosher Swine Flu

Francesca van der Staay (producer), Italy/Germany & Claude El Khal (writer/director), Lebanon/France; project: So Long City

Charlotte Vincent (producer), France & Wissam Charaf (writer/director), Lebanon; project: Heaven Sent

Amr Waked (producer), Egypt & Ahd Kamel (writer/director/producer), Saudi Arabia; project: Smile! You're in Jeddah

EAVE Film Finance Forum

Luxembourg, April 15-18

Thanks to the support of MEDIA International, we are also delighted to welcome for the first time to the EAVE Film Finance Forum 8 non European participants in addition to the over 20 European participants. The Film Finance Forum organised with support of the Film Fund Luxembourg and the MEDIA programme of the European Union will take place from April 15-18.

Alberto Botelho, Novos Sonhos Audivisuais, Angola

Halina Agapejev, Panis Et Circenses Produções, Brazil

Nandita Solomon, Apparat, Malaysia

David Vashadze, Georgian National Film Center, Georgia

Daniela Stankovska, Macedonian Film Fund, Macedonia

Jinane Dagher, Orjouane Productions, Lebanon

Victoria Lupik, Anniko Films, Armenia

Karim Hanafy, Jesuit Cairo - Cinema School, Egypt

EAVE TIES THAT BIND: Asia - Europe Producers Workshop

First workshop: Udine, Italy, April 25 - 28

After the pilot edition of "Ties That Bind" during the Udine Far East Film Festival and a "mini EAVE" workshop during the Pusan International Film Festival in 2009, we are proud to announce that EAVE Ties That Bind is officially launched in 2010 with the support of MEDIA International and in cooperation with FVG Film Commission - Audiovisual Regional Fund.

EAVE TIES THAT BIND workshops will bring together 10 film producers from Asia and Europe. Workshop 1 will take place in Udine (Italy) from April 25-28, 2010, within the framework of the Udine Far East Film Festival and workshop 2 will be organized during the Pusan International Film Festival and Pusan Promotion Plan, from October 10-13, 2010, in South Korea.

The following producers were selected to take part in EAVE TIES THAT BIND:

Darren Bender, Bigger Pictures, UK; project: Glendragon

Fran Borgia, Akanga Film Asia; Spain/Singapore; project: Endless Day

Jan Brandt, Boje Buck Produktion, Germany; project: Kuala Lumpur

John Harford Williams, 100 Meter Films, UK/Japan; project: Sae and the Rhino

Katie Holly, Blinder Films, Ireland; project: China Girl

Francis Lim, Pime Entertainment, South Korea; project: Friday League

Michelle Mi, MZ Pictures, China; project: Faramita

Kiki Sugino, WA Entertainment, Japan; project: La Comédie humaine en 2010

Bee Thiam Tan, 13 Little Pictures, Singapore; project: Matahari

Yuki Toyoyama, Esprit Inc., Japan; project: Dear Comrade

EAVE Film Finance Forum, PUENTES, TIES THAT BIND and INTERCHANGE are supported by the MEDIA Programme of the EU, Film Fund Luxembourg, and MEDIA International.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Best regards,

The EAVE team