ESoDoc 2011 - European Social Documentary

Dates and Venues 2011

Session 1: May 15-21, Romania

Session 2: July 3-9, Italy

Session 3: September/October, venue t.b.c.

What is ESoDoc?ESoDoc - European Social Documentary is a training initiative promoted by ZeLIG School for Documentary (Italy) with the support of EU's Media Programme.ESoDoc takes up the challenge of bringing together the demands of different players now involved in documentary film-production. Our focus is on a special genre of documentary production that is particularly suitable for the new multi-platform world: documentaries that draw attention to human rights, social justice and environmental protection.ESoDoc participants submit a fresh proposal for a documentary or a crossmedia project along with their application. This project is developed in the following six months at three 1-week sessions and in-between via on-line consulting.

Who should apply?ESoDoc is intended for professionals who are committed to the goal of social change, who are responsive to the new ways that film is achieving it and who want to develop their own documentary film projects across a 360 degree spectrum. We are looking for documentary filmmakers and producers, NGO and NPO sector professionals with audio-visual experience, and New Media Professionals who want to realize www projects according to the spirit of ESoDoc or collaborate with others.

What you'll get out of ESoDoc?We encourage sensitivity in working with cultures of the developing world and co-operation with indigenous communities also through the use of “participatory video”. ESoDoc is increasingly focused on digital media, and illustrate the varieties of multi-platform programming and social websites. We outline the market in Europe, the different and new ways of funding, distributing and co-producing social documentaries. One to one sessions for budgeting are hold during the workshop and the final session is focused on pitching.

Workshop StructureESoDoc offers three 1-week workshops, held over a 6-month period, during which participants, either individually or in groups, develop projects based on specific Social Documentary themes. An e-platform will provide support during and between the workshops and allow continuous collaboration through a library, different project-related discussion forums and dialogue among the teachers, tutors and participants.

Enrollment Fee and ScholarshipsThe cost per participant is 1.200 Euro (600 Euro for participants from new member states). This covers tuition, room and board but does not include traveling expenses. Four scholarships are available. To access scholarship funding, the applicant must provide the latest official tax return together with the other application materials.

Requested application materials, application forms and further information can be found on www.esodoc.eu or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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