Berlinale line up and meeting request

LINE UP Berlinale 2011

Film Europe is an established distribution and production company specializing in world sales of high quality cinema and TV programs with an international market potential.

We are proud to announce the Market Premiere of our films:
by Radim Spacek, THE GREATEST CZECHS by Robert Sedlacek and NICKY'S FAMILY by Matej Mináč

Marta Lamperova will be very pleased to meet you between the 10th-17th of February
at Martin Gropius Bau, Central European Stand, n126
Please find enclosed our lineup and contact us to schedule a meeting.

Best regards,

Marta Lamperova

by Radim Spacek
(Drama | Czech Republic, 2010, 146 min)

16.02. CineStar 7 at 09:00 AM

World premiere at Pusan IFF 2010
Czech Film Critics Awards 2010: The Best Film, The Best Script, The Best Actor in a Leading Role Awards & Newcomer of the Year for Ondrej Maly
Czechoslovakia, 1982. The totalitarian regime seems invincible. Antonín, a member of the secret police, is full of unfocused rage and everything around him - his work and family life - wears him down and bores him. He becomes fixated on Klára, a girl he has no hope of winning. He doesn't know what he wants but he wants it badly. There is no love in it or any other kind of genuine passion - only a burning desire to fulfill the fantasy of escaping from the cage of his boring and meaningless life. Antonín's senseless struggle to have Klára for himself not only turns him against the enemies of the regime but also against his own people and system itself. When Antonín breaks the rules of the organisation he serve, however, it is neither a civic or even political gesture, but rather purely personal and frenzied act of rebellion.
More information:
http://www.pouta-film.cz <http://www.pouta-film.cz>

THE GREATEST CZECHS by Robert Sedlacek
(Mockumentary | Czech Republic, 2010, 96 min)

Czech Film Critics Award 2010: The Best Actress in a Leading Role Award & six nominations
Film crew on the road: Director, producer, director of photography, and sound artist. Starving artists who already have a number of films to their names, Czech Lion award-winning films, excellent reviews and have been screened at numerous festivals, but they don't have audiences. Their next collaborative effort - the director's lifetime dream - is quickly becoming oblivion because he failed to win a grant, which means it won't be made. And so the frustrated director and his colleagues await their chance among record-holders of curious disciplines such as crawling with a squash racquet or collecting four-leaf clovers. How will the collision of these two worlds end?
More information:
http://www.nejvetsizcechu.cz <http://www.nejvetsizcechu.cz>

NICKY'S FAMILY by Matej Mináč
(Docudrama | Slovakia / Czech Republic, 2011, 90 min)

Nicky‘s Family is a continuation of the EMMY Award feature documentary Nicholas Winton: The Power of Good (2002) about the almost completely forgotten story of Sir Nicholas Winton, who in 1939, single - handedly and without any official support, organized Kinder transports that took 669 children from Prague through Hitler's Germany to safety in Great Britain. Nicky‘s Family shows the complete dramatic story of the rescue operation as seen from the point of view of the rescued children. We use reconstructed scenes that illustrate Winton's and the children's accounts of the real events. Besides the children, now in their 70s, the main narrative of the film is also narrated by Sir Nicholas Winton himself, now 100 years old and still in good health. Joe Schlesinger, the CBC reporter (and one of the rescued children), together with Christiane Amanpour, the chief CNN correspondent, guide us through the film and present how the motives of good and evil influence our lives.

BARDSONGS by Sander Francken
(Musical triptych | The Netherlands, 2010, 94 min.)

World premiere at Karlovy Vary IFF 2010
Dutch filmmaker Sander Francken directed the musical feature film BARDSONGS in India and Mali.
At the basis of this film are three folk tales from Rajasthan, Western Africa and Ladakh, turned to songs by musical celebrities from those regions and interpreted by local actors who knew these tales from their youth. The film focuses on the similarities between three totally different worlds: The world of Sahir, whose father refuses to pass judgement on his fate, the world of Bouba, a pupil at a Koran school who has to find the largest part of all knowledge and the world of Sonam, who has to sell his dzo (a crossbreed between a yak and a cow) and therefore journeys to town through the Himalayas with his daughter.
More information:
www.bardsongs.com <http://www.bardsongs.com/>
http://vimeo.com/10772679 <http://vimeo.com/10772679>

APRICOT ISLAND by Peter Bebjak
(1st feature / Drama | Slovakia, Hungary 2011, 96 min)

Apricot Island is a film about a girl, who raises passion and subsequent rage between two brothers. People in the neighbourhood have no idea what is going on between them. The only witness to their undistinguished, hidden and suddenly awakened love, which drives them hopelessly to a tragic end, is the beautiful nature surrounding the Danubian backwaters. Dawns and sunsets, hot summer, ripe apricots, the wide and lazily flowing Danube and love in all of its tragic and comical situations, are joined into a whole, which altogether makes a consensually suggestive film.

PIKO by Tomas Rehorek
(1st feature / Documentary | Czech Republic, 2010, 84 min)

Piko is contrasting the lives of three men whose fates were determined by drugs. One was among the chief inventors of pervitin, a Czech methamphetamine. The second worked in the anti-drug police squad and the third, a well-known rock star, became a drug addict. The dramatic twists and turns in the stories of these three real men later inspired the producers and creator of this film to combine documentary interviews with dramatized scenes mirroring the harrowing fall to the very bottom and the long road from hell back to life.
More information:
http://www.pikofilm.cz <http://www.pikofilm.cz>


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