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5th ScripTeast at Berlinale!

Press releases 2011-02-11

5th ScripTeast at Berlinale!

The second stationary session of the 5th ScripTeast edition will take place during this year Berlinale.

Between 12th and 15th February experienced scriptwriters participating in ScripTeast will have a one-to-one meetings with Tom Abrams and Christian Routh - Heads of Studies. During those meetings they will analyze new versions of their scripts, developed during on-line session lasing last 3 months and discuss necessary changes for the presentation of the final version of the scripts on the session during Cannes Film Festival.

Scriptwriters will also attend the festival screenings, events at European Film Market, meetings with European producers and discussions at the Berlinale Talent Campus. „ScripTeast session at Berlinale is not only a place to discuss scripts but it also gives authors insight into the international market and creates opportunities for networking beyond regional borders. To my knowledge, non other scriptwriting program gives such an opportunity" - said Violetta Kamińska, Scripteast Managing Director

In this years edition are taking part 12 projects from eight European countries (Bulgaria, Czech, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania):

"Beyond all words" by Alexandra M. Paun (Romania)
"Car Park" by Bence Miklauzic and Ferenc Lengyel (Hungary)
"The Cowards" by Andrea Sedlackova (Czech)
"Don Juan revisited" by Andrzej Bart (Poland)
"False Witness" by Iglika Triffonova (Bulgaria)
"Father" by Artur Urbanski (Poland)
"Football for beginners" by Jaak Kilmi and Andres Keil (Estonia)
"Nightlife" by Damjan Kozole (Slovenia) and Ognjen Svilicic (Croatia)
"Sanctuary" by Wojciech Kasperski (Poland)
"Ten Commandments" by Gabor Herendi and Reka Divinyi (Hungary)
"Town of Otol" by Laura Sivakova and Biba Bohinska (Slovakia)
"What's between us" by Natalia Koryncka-Gruz and Marek Modzelewski (Poland)

The group of Creative Advisors of 5th edition of ScripTeast feature: Scott Alexander - author of "The People vs. Larry Flynt" awarded with Golden Globe for Best Screenplay, "Ed Wood" with two Oscars; Paddy Breathnach - an award-winning Irish film director and producer ("I Went Down", "Man About Dog", "Blow Dry" and "Shrooms"); Fred Breinersdorfer - the author of Oscar-nominated "Sophie Scholl: The Final Days"; Licia Eminenti - working for European coproduction Funds, Eurimages, expert and reader for Arte France Cinema and Media Program; Peter Medak - a Hungarian-born director living in USA ("The Ruling Class", "The Changeling", "The Krays"); Jan Miller- the organizer of the Strategic Partners co-production workshop in Halifax, a prestigious platform created specifically for the development of cooperation between the best European and Canadian producers; Donato Rotunno - Luxembourgian producer and director, co-founder of Tarantula Luxembourg and Tarantula Belgium; Christoph Thoke - German producer ("Tropical Malady" - Jury Price in Cannes 2004, "Le Silence de Lorna" - Best Script Award in Cannes 2008); Brian Ward - British screenwriter ("The Interpreter" starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn, directed by Sydney Pollack) and Peter Zawrel - the managing director of the Vienna Film Fund, which supported i.a. "Desert Flower" by Sherry Horman, "The White Ribbon" and "The Piano Teacher" by Michael Haneke.

ScripTeast was created and is continuously lead from the artistic side by the famous Polish director and producer Dariusz Jablonski, in collaboration with his closest associates, producers: Violetta Kaminska and Izabela Wojcik. Together beside wide international production activities through their companies Apple Film Production and Avocado TV, they created the Independent Film Foundation, which promotes ambitious films and its authors in Poland and Eastern and Central Europe.

ScripTeast is organized by the Independent Film Foundation and supported by Media Program of EU, Polish Film Institute and Apple Film Production, and in cooperation with the European Film Academy, the ACE Program, Producers Network, FNE, Final Draft and festivals in Berlin, Cannes and Karlovy Vary.

For more information please contact us via e-mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone:+ 48 516 034 696.