Kino Polska TV S.A., the producer and distributor of Kino Polska Television as well as of the television channels from the FilmBox Group, is planning to debut on the Stock Market. Kino Polska expects to gain between 36 and 40 million PLN from its first public offer. Kino Polska TV has closed the book-building. The final allocation of shares will take place on the 31 March.

With the funds obtained from the public market Kino Polska TV is going to develop its offer, as well as invest in its infrastructure introducing new thematic channels, both based on the Kino Polska formula (Kino Polska HD, Kino Polska Muzyka and Kino Polska Nostalgia), and stations from the FilmBox group. - We can see a vivid interest among our subscribers and operators in the introduction of channels based on a well received and successful Kino Polska Television model. In the near future we are planning to offer Kino Polska HD, a channel that will enable the reception of Kino Polska Television channels in High Definition and Kino Polska Muzyka that will feature the history of Polish popular music. We have already received the initial declarations from the cable and satellite television operators concerning the introduction of the new channels to their offer - says Piotr Reisch,

The President of Kino Polska TV Management Board. In addition, we are currently working on extending our premium services with new television channels from the FilmBox group: FilmBox Action HD, FashionBox HD as well as FightBox HD. - adds Piotr Reisch.

Kino Polska TV goals' are to become the leading player on the market of premium thematic television in Central and Eastern Europe.

The funds obtained from the investors will also enable the company to intensify its work on the digitalization of its film library, it will also enable the company to purchase new licenses that will enrich its offer, as well as to intensify its activity in the field of film production.

In the year 2010 Kino Polska TV generated sales revenues in the amount of 47 million PLN yielding a net profit of 9 million PLN.

NOBLE Securities is the entity offering the Kino Polska TV Company stocks.

Kino Polska TV S.A. is responsible for the production and distribution of Kino Polska Television (winner of the "Telekamery Tele Tygodnia 2011" award for the best film channel, two times winner of the prestigious Hot Bird TV Award, in 2005 and 2010, as well as the winner of the Polish Film Institute Award). Our television has for many years been in the forefront of the thematic channel ratings in Poland. What is more, the company produces and distributes the FilmBox theme channels. The Premium film channels offer consisting of FilmBox HD, FilmBox Family, FilmBox Extra is, next to HBO and Canal +, one of the best in Poland. Kino Polska and the other channels from the FilmBox group are distributed by the biggest and most important operators in Poland and across Europe.

At present, Kino Polska S.A. produces channels for the Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Romanian and Spanish markets. In the near future we will start broadcasting new theme channels produced by the company in other European markets. These will include, among others, FilmBox Action HD, FashionBox HD, and FightBox HD.

Another Kino Polska TV S.A. activity is film production. In the year 2009 Kino Polska Television produced a short film, Hanoi-Warsaw (Hanoi-Warszawa), directed by Katarzyna Klimkiewicz, which was awarded by the EFA (European Film Academy). Another film co-produced by Kino Polska, A Simple Story about Love (Prosta Historia o Miłości), has received high recognition among journalists and film critics (the Grand Prix of the Independent Cinema Competition at the 35th edition of the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia). Moreover, its director, Arkadiusz Jakubik, has been proclaimed the most outstanding newcomer of the year in film directing.

The Kino Polska Television Publishing House, which was established in 2008, continues the mission of the station. By releasing DVDs with the Polish film-makers' masterpieces, it popularizes Polish cinematography. The Publishing House promotes domestic culture not only in Poland, but also abroad. This activity has been acknowledged with an Award of the Polish Film Institute (PISF).

Kino Polska TV S.A. is also the owner of a majority share in Stopklatka S.A. - a film portal which has been awarded by the Polish Film Institute for its contribution

in the development of Polish cinematography. In July 2010, Stopklatka SA had its debut on the New Connect market.

For more information please contact:

Bogusław Kisielewski
The General Director of Kino Polska Television
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T: +48 22 356 74 00

Norbert Kozioł
Vice-President of NOBLE Securities Management Board
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