Mini EAVE Georgia 2011 First Workshop Held in Tbilisi

In cooperation with EAVE, the Georgian National Film Center organized the Workshop I for film professionals from Georgia.

5 producer-writer/director teams with feature film projects in development and 5 participants without project attended the Workshop I.

The workshop was given by EAVE experts:

· Alan Fountain (Head of studies, Luxemburg)
· Clare Downs (Script consultant, UK)
· Riina Sildos (Group leader, Estonia)
· Denis Vaslin (Co-production expert, the Netherlands)

Workshop I covered following aspects:

· Script development
· Project development
· Financing on the development and production stages; financing of co-production
· Pitching
· Project packaging

Mini EAVE Georgia 2011 participants are:

With project:

1. Charter Flight (Producer: Irakli Bagaturia, Director: Vakho Varazi)
2. Professor in Love (Producer: Archil Gelovani, Director/Writer: Levan Koguashvili)
3. Hippocratic Oath (Producer: Anna Dziapshipa, Writer: Sandro Jandieri)
4. Tortoise (Producer/Writer/Director: Valerian Kirkitadze)
5. Tomorrow (Producer: Sophie Bazgadze, Director/Writer: Keti Machavariani)

Participants without project:

1. Sofia Roinishvili
2. Irakli Sharabidze
3. Zviad Eliziani
4. Nika Mdivani
5. Sandro Katamashvili

Mini EAEV Georgia is fully subsidized by the Georgian National Film Center.

The second workshop will be held on July 15-17, 2011. Thanks to a special partnership with Baltic Event, one of the mini EAVE projects will have the opportunity to be selected for participation at the Baltic Event in Tallinn, Estonia, in December, 2011.