The 6th Pitching of the International Academy of the Document Dragon Forum opens in nearly a week!

The last session will be held at the 51. Krakow Film Festival between the 25th and the 29th of May in the MANGGHA Centre of Japanese Art and Technology, in Krakow.

Project selection was especially difficult this year, dues to large amount of applications. After long consultations the selection committee chose 15 projects to take part in this year's Dragon Forum Pitching. Additionally, 5 projects were selected conditionally. Our congratulations to Pitching Participants, best of luck!

List of projects qualified to participate in the Pitching can be found at: http://www.dragonforum.pl/index1.php?sec=news&lang=pl&id=655

Following commissioning editors confirmed their participation in this year's Pitching:

Margje de Koning - IKON, (Netherlands)
Jerzy Dzięgielewski - HBO, (Poland)
Adam Gee - Channel 4, (United Kingdom)
Hanneke Hagen - VPRO, (Netherlands)
Marje Jurtshenko - ERR, (Estonia)
Cynthia Kane - ITVS, (USA)
Katarzyna Malinowska - TVP Kultura, (Poland)
Philippe Muller - ARTE, (France)
Rafał Orlicki - KFC, (Poland)
Barbara Paciorkowska - TVP 2, (Poland)
Barbara Pawłowska - TVP 1, (Poland)
Emelie Persson - SVT, (Sweden)
Martin Pieper - ARTE/ZDF, (Germany)
Daniel Saltzwedel - MBB, (Germany)
Heribert Schneiders - MDR (Germany)
Nathalie Windhorst - NPS, (Netherlands)

Applications for Pitching Observers are still being accepted. Observers are welcomed to approach all Dragon Forum commissioners and investors to talk about their projects. We have also prepared a special pitching offer for film schools students. Please send filled application forms as well as questions and suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Three Dragon Forum films qualified for the competition at the 51st Krakow Film Festival!

Films selected for the National Competition:
„Pomorskie iluzje"
Directors: Jacob Dammas, Helge Renner
Producers: Jacob Dammas
Production company: Graniza Jacob Dammas
Poland, 2011, 70'

„Odyseja złomowa"
Director: Łukasz Gutt, Paweł Ferdek
Producer: Wojciech Szczudło, Witold Będkowski
Production company: SF Kalejdoskop, TVP S.A.
Poland, 2010, 48'

International documentary film competition:
Invisible Strings - The Talented Pusker Sister
Director: Ágnes Sós
Producer: Marc Lorber
Production company: HBO Cetral Europe
Hungary, 2010, 80'