PRODUCTION: Seven Acts Of Mercy in Preproduction

BUCHAREST: The Italian documentary and short film directors Gianluca and Massimiliano De Serio are in Bucharest for the final stage of the casting the lead actress of their first feature, Seven Acts of Mercy/Sette opere di misericordia, an Italian/Romanian coproduction. The contemporary drama of redemption is set against the social backdrop of the immigrant situation in Italy.


PRODUCTION: A Film for Friends in post-production

Director/screenwriter Radu Jude is currently in post-production with a low-budget 60-minute film A Film for Friends/Film pentru prieteni which he produced and self-financed. Jude, whose first feature The Happiest Girl In The World/Cea mai fericită fată din lume was awarded with C.I.C.A.E. Award at the Berlinale 2009, told FNE that the film focuses on a man who, prior to take his life, tapes a video testament to his unfaithful friends.


PRODUCTION: Romanies Go To Elections in Production

The Slovak/Czech documentary Romanies Go To Elections from one of the new Slovak documentary directing stars, Jaro Vojtek (Slovak Oscar candidate The Border), is currently in production with 50% of the filming completed and post-production set to begin in January 2011. The film is scheduled for a November 2011 premiere.


PRODUCTION: Sweet Smoke finishes shooting in Lithuania

Director Masha Novikova has completed filming her documentary triptych under the working title Sweet Smoke (OF FATHERLAND/ OF HOMELAND) in Lithuania. The release of the film is planned for 2011.


PRODUCTION: We Will Meet in our Dreams in Development

Slovak production company Arina ( is in development with director Juraj Nvota (Muzika) on We Will Meet in our Dreams. The 1.5 million euro story of thwarted love was presented at the Connecting Cottbus ( pitching forum by producer Silvia Panakova and scriptwriter Daniel Pastircak.


PRODUCTION: From Love With Best Intentions goes into postproduction

From Love With Best Intentions, the second feature by Adrian Sitaru, has concluded filming after one month and one day of production, producer Ada Solomon told FNE. Postproduction will take place in Romania at Chainsaw Europe ( and in Hungary.


PRODUCTION: Itaker in development

BUCHAREST: Italian actor, director and producer Michele Placido made his first trip to Romania for the feature film Itaker, which he is co-writing together with Toni Trupia. The script is in early development. Trupia will direct the film set in the 1960's which follows the story of a boy who leaves Northern Italy in order to find his father in Germany.


PRODUCTION: Documentary The Fountain of Youth in Development

The film director and musician Hanno Hoefer (Tales From The Golden Age) is in early development with his first long film The Fountain of Youth/Fântâna tinereţii, a documentary about the Romanian medicine Gerovital, famous during the communist regime for his ability to slow down aging.


PRODUCTION: Ghost Rider 2 Starts Filming November 1

BUCHAREST: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,the first big American production to film in Romania since Cold Mountain in 2002, starts shooting on 1 November 2010 at Castel Film ( ). The shooting will take place entirely in Romania and will wrap at the end of February 2011. Initially the filmmakers planned to start on 1 October.


PRODUCTION: The Ghosts in development

BUCHAREST: Bobby Păunescu (Francesca) is in early development with his second feature film, The Ghosts/Fantomele after completing a first draft of the script. Foreign investors and coproducers from USA, Italy and Great Britan have expressed interest in the project.