SARAJEVO: The Ministry of Culture of Kanton Sarajevo has distributed 414,658 EUR / 811,000 KM as production grants for feature films, long documentaries and short films. The biggest grants went to new projects by Danis Tanović and Aida Begić.

SARAJEVO: Swiss/Georgian Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry by Elene Naveriani received the Heart of Sarajevo Award for Best Feature Film at the 29th edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival (11-18 August 2023).

SARAJEVO: Macedonian writer-director Andrey Volkashin and Bulgarian Peter Vulchev are creating a comedy-musical series Adventures of Turbo Folk Princess, which is presented at Sarajevo Film Festival’s CineLinkDrama (12 -17 August 2023).

SARAJEVO: Film Fund Sarajevo has announced the production, minority coproduction and development grants for 2023.

SARAJEVO: Croatian director Goran Dević will present his latest documentary Pavilion 6 at Rough Cut Boutique, which is organised by the Sarajevo Film Festival and the Balkan Documentary Center within the CineLink Industry Days, 12 - 17 August 2023.

SARAJEVO: Montenegrin film director Dušan Kasalica will present his sophomore feature project Primavera at the CineLink Co-production Market (12 - 17 August 2023) of the 29th Sarajevo Film Festival (11 – 18 August 2023). Kasalica’s debut feature The Elegy of Laurel, made by Meander Film and Non-Aligned Films, premiered in the Competition Programme of the Sarajevo FF in 2021.

SARAJEVO: The cinema hall of Cultural Centre Tomislavgrad is the first cinema which was digitalised within a project launched by the Film Fund Sarajevo with support from the Ministry of Culture and Sport and the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

SARAJEVO: Srđan Vuletić is currently shooting his third feature film Gym, which is a Bosnian/Croatian/Slovenian/Montenegrin coproduction. Vuletić won the Golden Tiger Award for his debut feature Summer in the Golden Valley / Ljeto u zlatnoj dolini (2003, produced by Refresh).

SARAJEVO: Emir Kapetanović is currently in production with his debut feature When Santa Claus Was a Communist / Ne skreći sa staze, which is a coproduction between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.

SARAJEVO: Bosnian director Una Gunjak, whose first directorial debut Chicken (2014) won the European Film Award for Best Short Film, is currently in postproduction with her feature debut Excursion. The film is a coproduction between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Norway and France.

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