PRAGUE: Natálie Císařovská’s debut feature The Body / Její tělo wrapped shooting on 23 September 2022. The film is a Czech/Slovak coproduction inspired by the real story of diver Andrea Absolonová, who became a world-famous porn actress after losing her Olympic dream and sports career due to a spinal injury.

PRAGUE: BANGER., the second feature from director Adam Sedlák, premiered on 22 September 2022 and had 23 127 admissions during its first weekend in 148 cinemas. The film ranked third in the domestic BO, right after the renewed launch of Avatar (2009) and Medieval.

PRAGUE: The English-language historical drama Medieval from scriptwriter, director and producer Petr Jákl is currently the most attended film in Czech cinemas. The film, which was released by Bioscop in 244 domestic cinemas on 8 September 2022, has become the 4th biggest premiere in the Czech Republic in 2022 with 104,916 admissions and 716,474 EUR / 17,589,442 CZK gross during the first weekend.

PRAGUE: The Taiwanese / Czech coproduction Malice / 惡潮 by Lungyin Lim is currently in the script development phase. The film is coproduced by Czech Lonely Production and it will have its postproduction done in the Czech Republic and Europe.

PRAGUE: A 55-minute version of the latest long documentary Kunstkammer / Kunstkamera by legendary Czech director Jan Švankmajer world premiered at the 48th Summer Film School Uherské Hradiště on 31 July 2022. An almost 120-minute director’s cut will have its world premiere at the 26th Ji.hlava Documentary IFF in October 2022.

PRAGUE: Lucie Králová’s documentary Kapr Code / Kapr focuses on the contradictory life of progressive composer and prominent communist Jan Kapr (1914-88) using the innovative formula of the opera documentary. Its Czech premiere is set for the 26th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, which will run 25 - 30 October 2022.

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