Berlinale Talents welcomes 250 emerging professionals from 71 countries to its 15th edition. Exploring the theme “Courage: Against All Odds,” the Talents will participate in a six-day programme featuring over 100 events, with many open to the public. Environmental sculptor Christo is going to join Berlinale Talents. The acclaimed artist will be one of around 100 internationally renowned experts presenting and discussing their work. Berlinale Talents will again take place in the theatres of HAU Hebbel am Ufer from February 11 - 16, 2017.

Festival Director Dieter Kosslick comments on the upcoming anniversary edition: “Since 2003 we have welcomed 5,128 young Talents to Berlin, with over 100 returning to the festival or the film market each year. This extended network symbolises cultural exchange across all borders, keeps the festival cutting-edge and is living proof that talent development always pays off.”

An international selection committee chose the 250 Talents out of 2,711 applicants from 127 nations based on their prior achievements and the impact and relevance of their artistic work in their home countries. The 2017 Talents hail from the fields of directing (106), producing (49), acting (15), screenwriting (5), cinematography (17), editing (14), production design (13), film criticism (8), sales and distribution (10), score composing (6) and sound design (8). Out of these, 40 participants with projects in development have been selected for Project Labs in the categories documentary, fiction and short film. The Talents are usually five to ten years into their careers and have extensive professional expertise, considerable festival exposure and, oftentimes, award-winning films under their belts.

ARRI New Co-Partner of Berlinale Talents

In order to further boost its talent development, Berlinale Talents is delighted to welcome ARRI as a co-partner in 2017. Boasting a long tradition, the company is a global leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of camera and lighting systems for the film industry, and is also active as an integrated media service provider in postproduction and in the rental of camera, lighting and stage equipment. ARRI will support the 2017 Berlinale Talents programme with several events focusing on technical innovation in image and light design as well as digital postproduction. These include, among others, a workshop with leading experts at the “Camera Studio” and a case study on a large TV drama series production.

“ARRI and Berlinale Talents share core values such as a pioneering spirit, a dedication to perfecting their craft and a passion for artistic work. It is an honour for us to have gained a strong and visionary partner such as ARRI, especially on its 100th company anniversary,” Berlinale Talents Project Manager Christine Tröstrum comments.

Dr. Jörg Pohlman, Managing Director of ARRI AG, adds: “Berlinale Talents is where success stories are created and future trends are forged. It’s important to us to actively support this major platform for talent development and to help shape the programme. We very much look forward to the ideas and contributions of the international Talents and wish all participants a successful Berlinale Talents 2017.”

More Information: The 250 Talents | The 40 Accepted Film Projects

The full Berlinale Talents programme will be published on January 31, 2017.

Press contact Berlinale Talents:
Malte Mau
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Tel. +49.30.259 20.518 
Fax +49.30.259 20.534

Berlinale Talents is an initiative of the Berlin International Film Festival, a business division of the Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin GmbH, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, in cooperation with the Creative Europe MEDIA programme of the European Union, Robert Bosch Stiftung, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, the German Federal Foreign Office and the German Federal Film Board.

“Behind The Blue Door” (original title: ‘Za niebieskimi drzwiami') a record-breaker at the box office! It's the most successful Polish movie for young viewers co-financed by the Polish Film Institute. Over 215 thousand viewers!
Film record at IMDB:

Directed by Mariusz Palej, “Behind The Blue Door” is the first choice for young people when it comes to Polish films. So far it's drawn the audience of more than 215 thousand. This captivating adaptation of the Polish bestseller was not only appreciated by children and their parents, but also by critics and jurors of international festivals. “Behind The Blue Door” bewitched the jury of the 34. ALE KINO! International Young Audience Film Festival, who awarded it the ALE KINO! DEBUT prize for the best debut. The movie was also recognized with an honorary distinction by the SKSiL (The chains of art houses and local movie-theatres) “for a brilliant debut in the challenging category of live action movies for young viewers” at the Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmów Dla Najmłodszych „W chmurach” (International Film Festival for Children “In the clouds”). Part of the profits from the box office sales goes to “Akogo?”, the Ewa Błaszczyk Foundation.

“Behind The Blue Door” is a film that you can see at the cinema with your whole family, class or school. You will laugh, cry and feel a little scared – all of which will lead to long conversations about love” - says director Mariusz Palej.
“This is a movie about the life-giving power of love. It is worth seeing on the big screen, because this is a unique family experience. I wanted to make a movie which was nothing like what's been done before. I managed to cross the Rubicon, successfully establishing a modern era communication with the kids. We never dreamed of such critical acclaim or the recognition from the jurors of various festivals as well as our viewers. They have our deepest gratitude.”

Film “Behind The Blue Door” takes the viewers on an incredible journey. It has everything children love – interesting characters, mysterious monsters and new friends – magical colourful birds. It tells a story of what happens, when you close your eyes and fall asleep… Through the magical door you enter a dream world. So real that you can take residence there, so exciting that you want to explore it and so mysterious, that it will scare you. This is the first movie in the Polish cinema of such calibre and special effects, bound to be loved by the whole family. It shows how precious the power of parental love can be.

The film was produced by TFP in cooperation with: Telewizja Polsat, FremantleMedia Polska, Heliograf, Alien FX, AB Film Production, Dreamsound and Odra-Film. It was co-financed by PISF. Main cast: Ewa Błaszczyk, Dominik Kowalczyk, Michał Żebrowski, Magdalena Nieć, Teresa Lipowska and Adam Ferency. By watching this film you support The “Akogo?” Foundation of Ewa Błaszczyk. To that end, the movie is also held under the honorary patronage of the First Lady of the Republic of Poland, Agata Kornhauser-Duda.

Significant reviews:

“Finally the young viewer is taken seriously”

Łukasz Maciejewski – film critic


“Behind The Blue Door’ is a display of Mariusz Palej's visual imagination. A display which must have required a lot of struggle from the director, searching for ways to good-naturedly deceive the viewer…"

Maciej Stasierski –  AreYouWatchingClosely


“Mariusz Palej's Behind The Blue Door is unique for two reasons. Firstly, somebody finally took it upon himself to elevate the Polish family movie genre to the modern standards of the global market. Secondly, this achievement of the Polish cinema is no sugar-coated fairy tale about holiday adventures, but very surreal fantasy, combining a fairy tale with horror".

Szymon Radzewicz – sPlay  Cyfrowy Styl Życia

“I'm trying to recall a film for children and young people, which moved me and impressed me as much as  Behind The Blue Door. And… it takes me all the way back to the eighties, when as a little girl with flushed cheeks, but also a pillow ready to cover my eyes, I watched 'E.T.' and the “Never Ending Story” (…) The world behind a blue door enchants with its brilliance, but hides a dark secret. While uncovering it Łukasz brings that danger into the real world. And this is where the lines between the fairy tale and reality start to blur, while the action gains momentum”.

Ewa Świerzewska - Qlturka

“Behind The Blue Door: a visually daring horror for young viewers. The first movie of this kind in Poland”.

Paweł Felis - Gazeta Wyborcza,75248,20934895,za-niebieskimi-drzwiami-brawurowy-wizualnie-horror-dla-mlodych.html

“An absolutely spectacular fantasy picture, full of irresistible magic (…) Behind The Blue Door is a daring Polish undertaking showing that we are capable of making a decent fantasy cinema with a quite clever plot and visually pleasing special effects”.

Bartosz Kęprowski – MOVIES ROOM


“The film directed by Mariusz Palej, on the one hand is a faithful adaptation of the novel, and on the other its creators conjured up an original, since non-existent world, not only from the Szczygielski's descriptions but also from their own artistic sensitivity and imagination. In the big screen version of Behind The Blue Door – like in any film adaptation – there are bigger and smaller shortcuts, changes to the plot and the characterisation of the heroes, but I wouldn't say that the film is worse than the book. The book is indeed very good (…), and the film is not its one-to-one reflection. In some respects it doesn't rival the original, while in others it definitely makes up for it or even surpasses the book”.

Karolina Nos-Cybelius – film|ORG|PL


“Behind The Blue Door – a film, that won over the critics, drawing enthusiastic reviews, delighted the young audience as well. Last weekend over 25 thousand viewers saw it, which means that a story about what happens behind a blue door dethroned Andrzej Maleszka's ‘Magiczne Drzewo’ (The Magic Tree) at its opening”.


“Szczygielski and Palej treat the children seriously”.

Barbara Hollender – Film


“Behind The Blue Door will move and scare the viewers. There is a deficit of such movies for the young audience in the Polish cinema – self-aware, with subtle message and ending. You should watch the film with your kid (…) You will have plenty to talk about afterwards”.

Piotr Guszkowski – Co jest Grane24,13,20926202,148674,-Za-niebieskimi-drzwiami---Wzruszy-i-przestraszy--.html

“Director Mariusz Palej freely draws from pop culture tropes from Hitchcock's ‘The Birds’ to one of the best American series in recent memory – ‘Stranger Things’. And rightly so, because it facilitates communication with the young viewers, while at the same time providing entertainment for their parents, who will have to answer several important questions once they leave the movie theatre”.

Magda Huzarska Szumiec - Gazeta Krakowska


“Behind The Blue Door wins the viewers over not only through its visual panache, but mostly with the way it constructs its main hero. He isn't one of the kids populating the family genre, but a representative of young Poles AD 2016”.

Artur Zaborski, critic - Dziennik Polski,11459259/


“Mariusz Palej in his debut Behind The Blue Door put Polish filmmakers to shame. Without a multimillion budget he made a wise (and terrifying) family movie about a journey to the subconscious, which rather seems to draw from Has and Schulz”.

Paweł Felis - Gazeta Wyborcza,75248,20934895,za-niebieskimi-drzwiami-brawurowy-wizualnie-horror-dla-mlodych.html

Trieste - December 19, 2016 – 22 film projects from 15 countries will be presented at the seventh edition of When East Meets West, the Italian co-production forum taking place on January 22-24, 2017 in the context of the Trieste Film Festival. This year WEMW will bring together more than 350 industry professionals from over 30 countries, particularly from the 2017 spotlight territories: France and the Baltic Countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).   

The 22 projects in development - 10 documentaries and 12 fiction features - were selected out of almost 300 submissions from 48 different countries. “This year more than ever we had a very hard time to finalize the selection as the overall quality of the applications received was outstanding. We are very happy with the 22 selected projects, both for their variety of stories and the talented directors and producers behind them. But now it comes down to us, WEMW, connecting each selected team with the right partners”, remarks Alessandro Gropplero, head of WEMW.

Along with the EAVE European Producers Workshop 2017 scholarship, the Flow Postproduction Award and TRL Espresso, all selected projects will compete for two new prizes: the CNC Development Award, a 5.000 EUR grant for the best project, and the EWA European Women’s Audiovisual Network Award, a cash prize for the best female director.

Together with the showcase of projects in development, When East Meets West 2017 will include several other initiatives: the work in progress section for documentaries Last Stop Trieste, the workshop for long feature fiction films in editing phase First Cut Lab, the showcase of completed films previously presented in the forum Born in Trieste and a rich programme dedicated to the co-production opportunities with the 2017 spotlight territories. It is still possible to request an early bird registration to participate in the coproduction forum and all detailed info about the programme and confirmed guests are on

WEMW is organized by the FVG Audiovisual Fund together with the Trieste Film Festival, in collaboration with EAVE, Maia Workshops, Creative Europe Desk Italy, EURIMAGES, and the support of Creative Europe/MEDIA Programme, MiBACT - Direzione Generale per il Cinema, CEI - Central European Initiative and the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The 2017 focus is in cooperation and with the support of CNC - Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée, Estonian Film Institute, Lithuanian Film Centre and National Film Centre of Latvia.


The 22 projects selected for WEMW 2017 are:

  • ABOUT THE END by Cristina Picchi – SODA PICTURES (United Kingdom), INDYCA (Italy), ANNICK BLANC (Canada)
  • ALFA by Una Gunjak – SCCA/ (Bosnia and Herzegovina), NUKLEUS FILM (Croatia)
  • BEFORE FATHER IS BACK by Mari Gulbiani – NUSHI FILM (Georgia), LUFILMS (France), FILMPUNKT (Georgia)
  • CHILDREN OF TALSINKI by Moonika Siimets – AMRION (Estonia)
  • DEAD WOMAN by Kadri Kõusaar – METEORIIT (Estonia)
  • FLESH OUT by Michela Occhipinti – VIVO FILM (Italy)
  • GENTLE WARRIORS by Marija Stonyte – MOONMAKERS (Lithuania)
  • INSECT NIGHT by Laila Pakalnina – HARGLA COMPANY (Latvia)
  • LUST FOR LIFE by Radovan Síbrt – PINK PRODUCTIONS (Czech Republic)
  • MADAME LUNA by Binyam Berhane – MOMENTO FILM (Sweden)
  • MONTAIGNE by Luca Ferri – EFFENDEMFILM (Italy)
  • OUR FATHER by Márton Vízkelety, Julianna Ugrin – ÉCLIPSE FILM (Hungary)
  • PEOPLE WE KNOW ARE CONFUSED by Tomas Smulkis – JUST A MOMENT (Lithuania)
  • QUEENS by Stefan Bohun – MISCHIEF FILMS (Austria)
  • SOLVING MY MOTHER by Ieva Ozolina – FA FILMA (Latvia)
  • TELEPHONE SUICIDES by Sandra Gugliotta – OJOBLINDADO (Argentina)
  • THE PASS by George Ovashvili – WAGONNET (Georgia), ARIZONA PRODUCTIONS (France)
  • THE USERS by Ivan Ikic – SENSE PRODUCTION (Serbia)
  • THE WIND by Michal Bielawski – TELEMARK (Poland)
  • WISHING ON A STAR by Peter Kerekes – VIDEOMANTE (Italy), MISCHIEF FILM (Austria), PETER KEREKES FILM (Slovakia)
  • ZUHAL NAZLI by Elif Durlu – ISTOS FILM (Turkey)

European Film Promotion (EFP) proudly presents its ten up-and-coming actors for the annual actors' showcase during the Berlin International Film Festival 2017, as it celebrates its 20th year

For the 20th edition of EUROPEAN SHOOTING STARS the jury of industry experts has selected the ten most gifted performers, that will be presented to film industry, public and international press during the opening weekend of the 67th Berlin International Film Festival (February 9 - 19). The event culminates in the awards ceremony at the Berlinale Palast on Monday, Feb 13 where each talent will be presented with the EUROPEAN SHOOTING STARS Award donated by Tesiro. European Film Promotion's first and most prolific talent platform, is financially supported by the Creative Europe - MEDIA Programme of the European Union and the respective EFP member organisations. 
In this year's group of outstanding new talent from Europe the youngest have already beeScreen Shot 2016 12 20 at 11.17.10n cast in current Foreign Language Oscar submissions...

   >>> Read full press release and detailed information on

WARSAW: Pitch the Doc, an innovative online documentary platform, is open free of charge from December 2016 as its official launch is scheduled for February 2017.

Pitch the Doc is an innovative, versatile and worldwide online platform that provides functionality comparable to traditional, live documentary pitching sessions for projects in development, works-in-progress, postproduction or those in the market-ready stage.

“It's the right idea at the right time, an invaluable tool in the documentary producer's armory, solving many of the problems caused by the “fixture congestion" of too many documentary pitching events spread over to many locations.” – Steven Seidenberg, renowned international documentary expert said.

The idea behind Pitch the Doc is to create a web based repository enabling the presentation of film projects using establishedpitching standards, including detailed written proposal, uploaded visual materials, and a recorded online oral pitch. It would provide Decision Makers from any part of world theremote means to acquaint themselves with projects, contact the authors, and proceed to discuss co-production matters.

“Pitch the Doc is not intended to take place of live pitchings or one-to-one meetings. It is to help establishing first co-production relations.” -  Adam Paplinski, the founder of the platform said.

From December 2016 the platform is open free of charges for everybody willing to become beta-users and its official hard launch is scheduled for February 2017.

Steven Seidenberg:

It's been a long time coming, but Pitch The Doc is an essential piece of kit for every documentary producer. It's the right idea at the right time, an invaluable tool in the documentary producer's armory, solving many of the problems caused by the "fixture congestion" of too many documentary pitching events spread over to many locations. Pitch The Doc is just what we need as a method of first contact between filmmakers with ideas and funders with slots. 

To read more and register go to the Pitch the Doc website:

WARSAW: Marcin Łuczaj has joined the team of New Europe Film Sales as Acquisitons Executive and Head of Short Film Sales.

DEADLINE: February 1st, 2017

dok.incubator’s six–month long mentorship focused on filmmakers’ professional development gives you access to internationally experienced tutors, supporting you as you explore new ways of angles to your story. Eight teams, comprising a producer, a director and an editor, will focus the film’s unique perspective and sharpen the storytelling, placing it within the international context and finding concrete tools to effectively approach future audiences. Intensive work on editing, distribution and audience-building upgrades your rough-cut to a high-end film with the potential to meet worldwide interest.

➢     Intensive 6 months of editing for films, aiming for picture lock early autumn 2017

➢     25 internationally active filmmakers tutor you throughout the postproduction period

➢     Gain deep practical knowledge of the current film market

➢     Build your own tailor-made distribution strategy

➢     New marketing tools used in a complex strategy to target and attract a wider audience, internationally

➢     Participation of the whole creative teams: editor, director and producer

➢     We meet altogether for three intensive week-long workshops:

1st - 6th May – Třešť, Czech Republic

2nd: 26th June – 2nd July (TBC) – Smolenice, Slovakia

3rd: 18th – 25th of September – Malmö, Sweden

➢     The nearly finished films are introduced to key decision makers at Nordisk Panorama

How it works:

The editing mentors work with the participants continuously to develop the storytelling, to focus the story, and find new ways of telling it

The production mentors help the producers with the financing, team management and distribution

Marketing tutors follow the teams to position the film, to target their audience, and attract it

Distribution tutors help you to build a sophisticated strategy how to break into the market

The programme opens your film to a testing audience  of experienced festival representatives and sales agents for the participants to design and test an effective tailor-made distribution strategy.

Submit an English-subtitled rough-cut in the length of 40 – 90 minutes HERE

Check the frequented asked questions orThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


WROCLAW: Polish Film Institute has signed an agreement with German film funds that will boost the annual budget of the Polish-German Film Fund from 300,000 EUR to 500,000 in 2017.

WROCLAW: National Forum of Music in Wrocław, European Capital of Culture 2016, will host the 29th European Film Awards on 10 December 2016. The ceremony will be streamed live on EFA website.