Only four more days before European filmmakers, EFA Members, guests, nominees and winners will gather to celebrate European cinema at its finest at the 29th European Film Awards in Wrocław, European Capital of Culture 2016. 

This year’s edition of the awards ceremony will be celebrated at Wrocław’s National Forum of Music (NFM), designed by Kuryłowicz & Associates, a multi-venue facility including a concert hall with 1,800 seats in parterre, amphitheatre, choir and on three balconies. 

Announcing and presenting the winners of the European Film Awards in 22 categories will be actresses Veerle Baetens (Belgium), Cécile de France (Belgium), Aistė Diržiūtė (Lithuania), Malin Levanon (Sweden), Pilar Lopez de Ayala (Spain), Ángela Molina (Spain), Maja Ostaszewska (Poland), Ludivine Sagnier (France) and Kasia Smutniak (Poland) and their male colleagues Numan Acar (Germany), Carlos Areces (Spain), Liam Cunningham (Ireland), Marwan Kenzari (the Netherlands), Daniel Olbrychski (Poland) and Tom Wlaschiha (Germany). They will be joined onstage by Wim Wenders, the President of the European Film Academy, directors Susanne Bier (Denmark), Volker Schlöndorff (Germany) and Małgorzata Szumowska (Poland), and the legendary Polish composer Zbigniew Preisner. 

The ceremony will also include Irish composer Stephen Rennicks, Spanish actress Adriana Ugarte, and actors Christian Berkel (Germany), Dave Johns (UK) and Trystan Pütter (Germany) as ‘patrons’ for the ‘European Film’ nominees.

Pierce Brosnan will be honoured with the European Achievement in World Cinema award, Jean-Claude Carrière will receive this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award and Leontine Petit will get the European Co-Production Award 2016 – Prix EURIMAGES. Among the guests of the ceremony will also be production designer Benoît Barouh (France),  sound designer Dean Humphreys (UK), make-up artist Waldemar Pokromski (Poland) and composer Giuliano Taviani (Italy), all of them members of the excellence awards jury. 

The 1,200 guests at the NFM, another 500 at the New Horizons Cinema where the show will be simultaneously transmitted, and all those at home watching live from 20.15 CET on TVN in Poland, online at, or with one of the other broadcasters and online platforms, will be welcomed by Polish actor Maciej Stuhr, host of the 29th European Film Awards.


TALLINN: London based Lithuanian producer Inesa Ivanova tells us about Baltic View, an innovative new cinema space that will bring Baltic films to new audiences beyond their own borders.

Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union is slowly coming to its end, and we are delighted that the last month of the Presidency is marked by two Brussels´ film gatherings with a special focus on Slovak cinema!

Brussels Cinema Days in BOZAR (Nov 30 – Dec 4, 2016)
Brussels Cinema Days kicks off today at the Brussels Centre for Fine Arts BOZAR, the renowned cultural venue in Brussels!
The showcase features two films by the outstanding Slovak director Dušan Hanák: Pictures of the Old World, showing impressive portraits of old people from Slovak regions of Liptov and Orava who are able to enjoy their individual freedom even in troubled times ruled by chaos and social insecurity, and Paper Heads, an emotional film essay about the relation between individual and Power within the context of a totalitarian regime.

Slovak Films at Cinematek (Dec 2, 2016 – Jan 20, 2017)
The Royal Belgian Film Archive – Cinematek, in collaboration with BOZAR, has curated Panorama of Slovak Cinema, a „fascinating and fiery“ pick consisting of twelve, mostly archive Slovak films.

The selection features gems like Pink Dreams (1976) by Dušan Hanák, The Boxer and Death (1962) by Peter Solan, The Sun in a Net (1962) by Štefan Uher A Path Across the Danube (1989) by Miloslav Luther, The Prime of Life (1967) by Juraj Jakubisko or The Garden (1995) by Martin Šulík.

More on the Celebration of Slovak cinema in Brussels here

The Teacher in International Cinemas
And now something completely different: these days Jan Hřebejk´s film The Teacher is successfully touring US cinemas, distributed by Film Movement and from tomorrow on, Dec 1, Rosebud21 brings the film also to audiences in Greece. Since its world premiere at 51st Karlovy Vary IFF, the film, handled by LevelK, has been so far acquired for distribution to more than 50 territories.

Read more here


Our best regards
Alexandra & Kristina & Imelda & Sona

Alexandra Strelková & Kristína Aschenbrennerová
Imelda Selková & Soňa Balážová

National Cinematographic Centre
Grosslingova 32, SK 811 09 Bratislava
W:  | 

WARSAW: Unifrance released its 2015 annual report and analysis, showing French films holding strong internationally and in CEE territories, with Poland, in 11th place, proving to be one of the more successful territiories for French films.

Eastern Women is a special selection of shorts directed by East European female directors, for the second time present at ŻUBROFFKA. After decades of male dominance and despite constantly visible disparities, more and more women stand behind the camera. They present diverse styles and visions of cinema. Also in Eastern Europe women-directors leave their mark on the cinematic landscape of the region. The spectrum of genres, styles and sensibilities presented by some of the most promising young directors from Eastern Europe, is refected in the multiplicity and diversity of the flms’ heroines. They are women who often swim against the stream, facing such challenges as puberty, sexuality, motherhood, loneliness, or old age. The twins from End of Puberty, unpretentious story about adolescence, discover their sexuality and intimacy. Four mature actresses demystify the charms of menopause in a documentary comedy Melancholia. Valya (Fallen Leaves) is a 40-year- old woman seeking a cure for his loneliness. Raven Mother is an animated, folk tale about a woman who fghts forces more powerful than herself and tries to accept her fate. The heroine of Transition, Jana, does not feel comfortable in her skin and wishes to change her life. After the screening we invite you to take part in a discussion on women in cinema, which will be attended by directors, producers and cinema experts from this part of Europe.


  • End of Puberty / Kamaszkor vége, dir. Fanni Szilágyi, 2015, fction, 13’, Hungary I trailer On a beautiful summer day, teenage twins meet a boy who acquaints them with sexuality, jealousy, and a real anger that drives them apart. This moment marks the end of puberty.
  • Melancholia / Melancholia, dir. Klara Kochańska, 2016, documentary, 22’, Poland. Four rapidly aging women are travelling and discussing political issues, menopause, cancer, their elderly parents and a difculty remembering to turn the cooker of. Where are they heading to and what they do if they stop arguing? A documentary comedy about ups and downs of aging.
  • Fallen Leaves / Lystapad, dir. Masha Kondakova, 2014, fction, 20’, Ukraine I trailer. It’s autumn in the outskirts of Kyiv. One morning Valya, a lonely 40 year old caretaker, is burning fallen leaves in the forest nearby. Before long she bumps into a charming stranger who soon manages to seduce his way into her fat. Once inside, Valya subtly and gradually becomes a hostage in her own home .
  • Raven Mother / Krkavčí matka, dir. Noemi Valentiny, 2015, animation, 8’, Slovakia. Raven mother is an animated ballad, inspired by stories of the times when fates of men were binded with the ones of the other beings. Man and Woman are carrying burden in a form of their marked son – baby with the raven peak and claws.
  • Transition / Tranzicija, dir. Milica Tomović, 2016, fction, 21’, Serbia I trailer. Jana says goodbye to her friends and family as she’s leaving Serbia to study in the United States. Only her sister knows Jana’s secret - she is going away to have her sex change.

Short flms are often seen as more friendly to women than the world of full-length feature flms, where more money is at stake. For many women-directors, the road leading from short flms to a feature- length debut is often more difcult than for their male colleagues. Why is this happening? Female directors and producers from Eastern Europe will talk about the presence of women in cinema and the realities of working in a mostly male environment. They will share their experiences and insights. How do they perceive the position of women in short flms? Do female directors need to fght for it and resort to extreme measures to be respected on the set? Do they feel good in the flm world or see some barriers? What is the celluloid ceiling and does it exist? Do women have to be more gifted and more determined than their male colleagues to become successful? What needs to change to have more women present in flm industry?


  • Klara Kochańska - Director and screenwriter, Warsaw University graduate, since 2009 studying flm directing at the Film School in Lodz. The winner of the prestigious prize awarded by the American Film Academy, the so- called Student Oscar for Tenants.
  • Masha Kondakova - Ukrainian director, currently working on a documentary about women in the war-zone in Eastern Ukraine. Her debut flm Fallen Leaves premiered at the festival in Locarno.
  • Marta Lewandowska - Film producer, Marta has produced over 20 short flms. Her recent feature flm The Saint (2016) is now triumphing at many prestigious international festivals.
  • Fanni Szilágyi (tbc) - Hungarian flm director and cinematographer, has made a number of short flms and music videos. Her flm End of Puberty premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and is now being screened at numerous international flm festivals.
  • Milica Tomović - Film director, graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Her flm Transition premiered at the Locarno Film Festival and won the award for best short flm at the festival in Sarajevo.


We're getting ready for the 11th edition of NexT International Film Festival.
It's a new NexT decade and we need your best films to enter it in style.
The call for entries for the 2017 edition is now open and we are waiting for narrative films (animations included) not longer than 60 minutes, completed after January 2016.
The submitted films will be taken in consideration for both the competition and off-competition programs.
DEADLINE: January 30, 2017
NexT International Film Festival celebrates innovative and creative filmmaking from all around the world. Its mission is to discover and support emerging international film talents by promoting their works locally, nationally and internationally.
The 11th edition of NexT IFF will take place in Bucharest from
June 22 to June 26, 2017.
For complete description and eligibility criteria,
please see the rules and regulations.
NexT Trophy - 2000 Euro
"Cristian Nemescu" Best Directing Award - 1000 Euro
"Andrei Toncu" Best Sound Design Award - 1000 Euro
Best Romanian Film - 1000 Euro
Foreign Film Audience Award
Romanian Film Audience Award
You're NexT!


NexT covers accommodation and travel expenses (%) for the director / sound-designer of the films in competition. Please make sure that before you submit your film you have read the complete NexT IFF 2017 rules and regulations.

19th EDITION / March 6 - 15, 2017 / Prague
Followed by regional screenings in over 30 towns around the Czech Republic.

We would like to remind you that you have the last chance to subscribe your filminvite you to submit your films to the 19th edition of the One World festival. The event has grown over the years to become the largest human rights film festival in the world. It is one of the leading cultural events in Prague and the Czech Republic.

We are looking for:

  • Feature or mid-length documentaries (minimum length is 40 minutes)
  • Short documentaries and animated films for children (no experimental films)

Outstanding documentaries on human rights, social, political, environmental and media issues are selected based on the quality of the filmmaking and the power of their stories. We are also looking for documentaries with social impact campaigns.


More info:



The first awards at Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event have been presented – the Works in Progress awards. We are also happy to announce the honorary award that Eye on Films has presented at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.
Orbital Vox Studios’ Post Production Award
5000 Euros worth of post-production services including digital mastering, special effects and sound design. The award is given to a project which successfully combines creative and commercial potential.

Winner: The Line / Čiara, Slovakia/Ukraine; director Peter Bebjak; producers Wanda Adamík Hrycová, Andrey Yermak; Wandal Production, ltd

Jury statement: The director looked to have a very strong command of all the different elements, from narrative to character to tension and intrigue to production values. It was the project that stood out to us as the strongest mix between commercial and creative.

Baltic Event Works in Progress Award 
3000 Euros. Awarded for the first time to celebrate the market’s 15th birthday, the Baltic Event Works in Progress Award is given to the project with the strongest and boldest artistic vision. The award will help the film gain visibility during its promotion and distribution in the Baltic States by covering related costs in the region.

Winner: Foam At The Mouth / Ar putam uz lupam, Latvia/Lithuania/Poland; director Janis Nords; producers Alise Gelze, Aija Berzina; production companies Tasse Film, ArtBox, Madants
Jury statement: First of all, we were very impressed by the selection. It was a very had decision but we found that our curiosity was most piqued by Foam At The Mouth and by the scenes we were shown, both in terms of narrative progression and stylistic execution. 

Think of the Music Award 
2 x 1500 Euros worth of licenses for music represented by Apollo Music, to be used in film and/or promotional materials. The award goes to the project with the best and brightest ideas for the use of music.


The Ballroom/ El Baile y el Salón, Costa Rica/México; director Iván Porras Meléndez; producers Karolina Hernández Chaves, Marcela Esquivel Jiménez; production companies Dos Sentidos Producciones, La Feria Producciones, Cine Feral

Jury statement: This project about "70-year-old teenagers" – as the director described – looks to be full of charm and entertainment value, and the choice of music and how it is used in the film is going to have a significant part to play in its success. 

The Man Who Looks Like Me / Minu näoga onu, Estonia; directors Andres Maimik, Katrin Maimik; producer Maie Rosmann-Lill; production companies Kuukulgur Film, Kinosaurus Film

Jury statement: This film shows real comic potential with its antagonistic father-son relationship. We were immediately engaged by the characters, and given the important role music can play in comedies, we would like to support the film with the music prize. 

Special Mention
Easy, Ukraine/ Italy, director Andrea Magnani, producers Oleg Scherbyna, Yulia Cherniavska, Chiara Barbo, Massimo Di Rocco, Andrea Magnani, Gianpaolo Smiragli, Stefano Basso; production companies Fresh Production, Bartlebyfilm, Pilgrim
2016 Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event Works in Progress jury: 
Mads Peter Ole Olsen, CEO, Red Herring Film ApS, Denmark
Matt Mueller, editor of Screen International and, United Kingdom
Nicholas Kaiser, Sales & Acquisitions Executive, Memento Films International, France Thomas Weymar, Managing Director, Telepool GmbH, Germany
The Baltic Event Co-Production Awards will be presented tonight.

For more information about Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event, please visit

A jury of 6 invited distributors – Eye on Films partners from different European countries – have selected the following winners among films shown at the Eye on Films industry screenings. 
The Eye on Films Honorary Award at PÖFF 2016 goes to the film Those Who Jump, directed by Moritz Siebert, Estephan Wagner, Abou Bakar Sidibé, Denmark, for "the complexity of the situation of the refugees, bringing a new perspective that shows personal courage."
A special mention also goes to Pretenders by Vallo Toomla, Estonia, for "the originality of the script, unexpected twist and turns and for the quality of the production value."



Fest Anča International Animation Festival has just opened its call for entries for the 2017 edition.
All the information regarding our free submission process are available on our webpage
We accept films created after January 1, 2015.

The registration is open until February 26, 2017.

If you’re interested in submitting your film right away, here is the link to our entry form.

- Anča Award (800 EUR) for best film of the festival
- Anča Student Award (400 EUR) for best student film
- Anča Music Video Award (400 EUR) for best music video
- Anča Kids´ Award (400 EUR) for best film for children
- Anča Slovak Award (700 EUR) for best Slovak film
- D Award (distribution prize) for Slovak film

Fest Anča 2017 will be held from June 29 to July 2, 2017 in Žilina, Slovakia.

The 10ᵗʰ edition of Fest Anča International Animation Festival is eagerly awaiting your submission!

Best regards,
Fest Anča team

WARSAW: The French/German cultural channel ARTE is introducing Polish subtitled programming. ARTE po polsku is part of the ARTE Europe initiative, which is run with financial support from the European Union.