FNE Visegrad 2021 Year of Recovery for Film and Television Industry: See the Online Podcast With Visegrad Decision Makers

BRATISLAVA: YR2021 kicked off with a live panel discussion at Kino Lumière Bratislava on 29 June 2021. It was the first of a year-long series of events that will gradually take place in the capitals of the Visegrad Four: Bratislava, Warsaw, Prague and Budapest.


FNE Podcast: Visegrad YR 2021: Lukas Gira, Head of Marketing and Distribution, Continental Film

FNE correspondent and film critic Alexander Gabelia spoke to Lukas Gira, head of Marketing and Distribution at Continental Film, about the challenges Slovak distributors faced during the pandemic and the new post-pandemic environment for cinemas and distribution as the Slovak film industry begins to recover from the pandemic.


FNE Visegrad 2021 Year of Recovery for Film and Television Industry: Interview with Michal Drobný, Co-Owner of CINEMAX

FNE has spoken to Michal Drobný, the co-owner of CINEMAX, to find out how the largest network of cinemas in Slovakia is recovering from the pandemic.


FNE Podcast: Visegrad YR 2021: Hana Kutlikova, Assistant Manager, Artkino Metro

FNE correspondent and film critic Alexander Gabelia spoke to Hana Kutlikova, assistant manager at Artkino Metro, about the challenges Slovak cinemas are facing as they struggle to re-open, as well as on the program, tasks and activities of the cinema, on site as the Slovak film industry begins to recover from the pandemic.

Built in between the two world wars, in 1938, ArtKino Metro belongs to the most traditional cultural venues in the city of Trenčín. Its goal is to bring the cinema through the challenges of the 21st century film distribution by restoring the charm and the sense of community that cultural events used to bring in the past.


FNE Visegrad YR 2021 Q&A: Slovak Producer and Head of SAPA Marián Urban

FNE correspondent Zuzana Vojtekova spoke to Slovak producer Marián Urban, head of ALEF FILM & MEDIA and the Slovak Audiovisual Producers' Association (SAPA), about what challenges he faced as a producer during the pandemic and how the film industry in Slovakia is recovering.


FNE Podcast: Visegrad YR 2021: Wanda Adamík Hrycová, Producer, President of the Slovak Film and Television Academy

FNE correspondent and film critic Alexander Gabelia spoke to producer Wanda Adamík Hrycová, the President of the Slovak Film and Television Academy, and a member of the Association of Independent Producers, about the challenges she has faced as a producer during the pandemic, as well as on the challenges and activities of the film industry, on site as the Slovak film industry begins to recover from the pandemic.


FNE Visegrad 2021 Year of Recovery for Film and Television Industry Kicks Off in Bratislava With Live Panel and Online Podcast With Visegrad Decision Makers

Date: 29 June 2021 10:30-12:00 (CET): Pre-registration is required for access, details below.

YR2021 kicks off with a live panel discussion in Bratislava hosted by Film New Europe (FNE) in cooperation with the Slovak Film Institute that will also appear online as a live podcast.  It will also be available online as a video recording after the event.

The 2021 Year of Recovery for Film in Visegrad Countries (YR2021) project brings together filmmakers and cultural professionals across the V4 to cooperate in the recovery of the film industry which has been badly damaged by the COVID pandemic and to reconnect with cinema audiences across the region and across borders.

The prestigious panel of Visegrad film industry professionals will discuss COVID impacts on feature film and filming on location in the region and how to attract audiences back into cinemas. Guests from neighbouring Visegrad countries will share their common experiences and what they have learned.

Keynote panelists: 

  • (Hungary) Laszlo Kantor, Producer, CEO Új Budapest Filmstudió
  • (Poland) Jarosław Grzymała, Executive Producer, Student Films, Warsaw Film School and Q&A
  • (Slovakia) Katarína Krnáčová, Producer, Silverart Production and Q&A
  • (Slovakia) Zuzana Bieliková, Film Commissioner, Slovak Film Commission and Q&A

YR2021 “kick off” is the first of a year-long series of events taking place in Bratislava, Warsaw, Prague and Budapest that will include both live and online events with panels, Q&A, podcasts and overviews of the film industry and the impacts of the pandemic in each Visegrad country. 

We invite film professionals, film students, journalists, film critics, heads of film funds and film organisations and representatives of cultural organisations and creative industries to participate.

Video recording is envisaged. The Chatham House Rule will apply upon the participant’s prior notice and will be off the record.

How to participate:

(Live Event numbers of participants are limited so registrations will be accepted on a first come first served basis).

Date: Tuesday 29 June 2021
10:30 -12:00 (CET)
Place: Kino Lumière
Špitálska 4
811 08 Bratislava

10.30-12:00  Panel discussion and Q&A live and online Followed by Networking Business  Brunch

The participation is free but participants should register: https://forms.gle/TVDnheoWmkVubonV9

If you are coming LIVE we are happy to welcome you for a networking coffee from 10:00 to 10:30 and for the fourchette from 12:00 to 13:00. 

YR2021 Project Partners: 

Film New Europe (Poland)
(FNE) is the main networking platform for film professionals in the CEE/Baltics region bringing together the heads of film funds/institutions in 17 CEE/Baltics countries. Its flagship publication FNE Daily is known globally as one of the leading publications for film and TV professionals and its team of professional journalists and researchers based in the region are known for their excellence as a primary source of information about the film and television industries in the region.

Visegrad Fund
The International Visegrad Fund is an international donor organization established by the governments of the Visegrad Group (V4) countries (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia). Its aim is to support closer understanding and cooperation among people in the V4 region, as well as between the V4 region and other countries and regions, particularly in the non-EU neighbourhood of the Eastern Partnership countries and in the Western Balkans. The fund does fosters the development of civil society by financing joint grant projects and by awarding university scholarships and artist residencies. The fund’s annual budget of €8 million consists of equal contributions by the V4 governments.

Slovak Film Institute (Slovakia)
Slovak Film Institute (est. in 1963) is the sole national film institution in Slovakia, comprising of National Film Archive and National Cinematographic Centre. It handles producers' rights to Slovak films produced by Slovak National Studios in 1895 – 1991, and is a member of FIAF and EFP, as well as the seat of Creative Europe Desk Slovakia. The National Film Archive preserves and protects national heritage and makes it available for the public. The National Cinematographic Centre of the Slovak Film Institute is the national film promotion agency promoting Slovak films – both, classic and recent – and Slovak filmmakers internationally. The NCC provides complex information services about Slovak cinema and organizes film showcases of Slovak cinema in Slovakia and abroad.

Institute of Documentary Film (Czech Republic)
(IDF) has been supporting creative documentary films from Central and Eastern Europe since 2001. IDF provides both emerging and experienced filmmakers with training, financing, networking and pitching opportunities, helps them get international attention and co-productions, rewards the exceptional projects with Awards and further opportunities and improves their orientation on the international market.

 MADOKE (Hungary)
The Hungarian Documentary Association (HDA) was founded in 2019. The main aim of the organisation is to represent and safeguard the interest of all parties involved in making documentary films in Hungary. Our goal is to initiate a conversation between the filmmakers, the audience and the decision makers. Apart from creating a platform for networking and  collaboration we wish to promote Hungarian documentary films both at home and abroad.

Kids Kino Industry (Poland)
Kids Kino Industry, together with Kids Kino Lab, a script development workshop, creates a wide range of initiatives to support the film industry’s development, production and dissemination of quality kids content. Our goal is to create a meeting place where European professionals can exchange ideas, experiences and develop new content for children. We want to create a space that will help connect projects with potential co-producers, distributors, sales agents, broadcasters and film funds.
Annually, the event is attended by more than 200 guests, working for established companies, such as Netflix, ViacomCBS, ARRI Media, Indie Sales, New Europe Film Sales, LevelK, TVP, KiKa, RTV Slovenija, Windrose, Platige Image, Beta Film, Film Republic, Canal+ Polska.
The pitchings and 1:1 meetings are the main core of the programme of Kids Kino Industry. However, the four-day programme offers a number of masterclasses, case studies, consultations, panels, networking opportunities, and many others.


Project Events 2021-2022

Here you can find the updated informatipon about the project events.