FNE Podcast: Visegrad YR 2021: Gábor Osváth: Producer Hungary

FNE’s Georgian correspondent Alexander Gabelia spoke to Gábor Osváth, emerging producer from Hungary, about the challenges he has faced as a producer during the pandemic, as well as about the post-pandemic recovery of the Hungarian film industry, love of romantic comedies, and the importance of international coproductions. Gábor is known for his work on Balaton Method (2015), Captives (2019) and Nagykarácsony (2021).


FNE Visegrad YR2021: Slovak Production: Post-Pandemic Boom

BRATISLAVA: Slovak film production in 2021 has restarted with unprecedented intensity, after a challenging year in 2020, when the film industry remained paralysed by the pandemic and filming was completely stopped for several months.


FNE Podcast: Visegrad YR2021: Juraj Krasnohorsky: CEE Animation Workshop

FNE’s Georgian correspondent Alexander Gabelia spoke to Juraj Krasnohorsky, head of studies of the CEE Animation Workshop. CEE Animation Workshop is a year-long project development and producer skills advancement training programme designed for film professionals working in the field of animation. The Workshop is tailor-made to suit the needs of producers and their creative teams with animated projects of any format (shorts, TV, feature length, hybrid, XR) in development.


FNE Podcast: Visegrad YR 2021: Patrycja Blindow: Kino Żeglarz

FNE’s Georgian correspondent Alexander Gabelia spoke to Patrycja Blindow, who together with two other women runs the oldest studio cinema in Poland Kino Żeglarz. She talks about how they survived the pandemic with the help of crowdfunding and how the cinema has made a strong comeback during the recovery thanks to strong support from the local community.


Watch the recording of the FNE YR2021 Warsaw Kids Industry Livestream

The livestream took place on 29 September 2021 when distributors and exhibitors from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic discussed how the cinema industry is recovering, shared their experiences, and looked at how solutions and lessons learned can cross borders.


FNE Visegrad 2021: Exclusive Q&A with Daniel Ratuszniak

WARSAW: Daniel Ratuszniak, Director of the New Horizons Cinema in Wrocław, the leading Polish art house cinema, talks to FNE about the state of Polish cinemas as they are recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.


FNE Visegrad YR2021: Exclusive Q&A with Frédéric Berardi

WARSAW: Frédéric Berardi, Head of The Board of Kino Świat, the leading Polish distributor, and CFO at CANAL+ Polska, talks to FNE about the Polish cinema industry recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.


FNE Visegrad YR2021: Polish Exhibition: Cinema Operators Making Up for Lost Time

WARSAW: Facing the threat of the fourth nationwide lockdown in the autumn of 2021, Polish cinema operators are eager to make up for lost time and to not repeat the losses from 2020.


Czech Republic Increases Budget for Production Incentives by 12 m EUR

PRAGUE: The Czech Government has decided to supplement the annual production incentives budget, which used to be around 31.5 m EUR / 800 m CZK, with another 12 m EUR / 300 m CZK. As a result, the total production incentives budget for 2021 increased to 43.5 m EUR / 1.1 billion CZK.