FIPRESCI Warsaw Critics Project 2020


Warsaw Film Foundation and FIPRESCI training programme for young film journalists and film critics from Central and Eastern Europe. The 15th edition of the workshop will be held October 9-18, 2020 within the frames of 36th Warsaw Film Festival.

A group of young and carefully selected critics from Central and Eastern Europe will cover the festival and industry events, delivering film reviews and interviews for our partners – Cineuropa and FilmNewEurope, meet high-profile film professionals, take part in the deliberations of the festival’s FIPRESCI jury and present a special YOUNG FIPRESCI PRIZE for the best debut from Central and Eastern Europe.

Our aim is to create an opportunity for participants, who usually have little chance to go abroad and work in their profession, to work with world-class professionals and have contact with world-class movie journalism.

FIPRESCI Warsaw Critics Project involves young film critics, who will be invited to the event and work under the editorial guidance of FIPRESCI members.

The organizers will team-up with FilmNewEurope to give more exposure and promote emerging journalist talents. Workshops are designed for critics under the age of 30 with proficiency skills in written and spoken English.

Previous participants include journalists currently contributing to major film and trade magazines, such as Screen International, IndieWire, The Hollywood Reporter, Cineuropa.

Workshop coordinator: Alexandra Senn, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hope And Desire for Change Cannot And Will Not Be Put Down

Sharp like a razor, Ghosts, an impressive debut by Turkish director and writer Azra Deniz Okyay, dissects the concerning realities of four ostensibly unrelated people. What unites them, though, is…

An interview with Ksawery Szczepanik, director of Going for Gold

Ksawery Szczepanik, an emerging Polish documentary filmmaker, sat down for a brief discussion at the 36th edition of Warsaw Film Festival. Going for Gold chronicles the rise and fall of…

Self exoticization in a biopic of Václav Havel, a monolith of Czechoslovakian resistance

Following the prominent dissident and symbol of the Czechoslovakian resistance, idiosyncratic Václav Havel, a playwright, political activist and post-Dubcek president, Havel is a biopic with a familiar trajectory. It depicts…

The collapse of the ecosystem - review of Cecília Felméri's Spiral

Spiral by Cecília Felméri is a film that elopes strict genre frames. A poetic portrait of an old house by a forest pond, somewhere in the Hungarian wilderness, gives space…

My Favorite War. Steps of truth

The latest film by Latvian director Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen, My Favorite War / Moja ulubiona wojna (2020), summons the communist past of Latvia, recollected through the director’s memories of childhood…

Covered in mud – Scumbag review

Scumbag, by Slovak filmmakers Rudolf Biermann and Mariana Čengel Solčanská, is a solid political drama that takes no prisoners. Although their story has a documentary flair, addressing the real tragedy…