FNE AV Innovation: Playpilot is Helping You Spend Less Time Searching and More Time Watching

    David Mühle David Mühle

    Global video streaming penetration as well as the number of streaming services/households are expected to increase significantly in the next five years. Playpilot is a streaming aggregator that gathers all titles available in one market and guides you to the best movies and series from all streaming services at one place.

    What challenge is Playpilot solving?
    Netflix, Amazon Prime video, HBO and many more are all growing exponentially as streaming is becoming the new norm. This year for the first time ever, it’s predicted that more US households will have a paid video-on-demand service (70%+) than will have a traditional TV subscription (66%). As it’s becoming clear that streaming is the future, new services are being launched with increasing frequency by big players like Apple, Disney, Warner, HBO, but also by regional actors forming new alliances to counter the global giants (eg. BBC + iTV). From a consumer perspective, having lots to choose from is great, but the fragmentation is making it increasingly hard to navigate what’s available. When looking for a movie/show, US households today spend an average of 18 minutes deciding what to watch.

    What’s the solution?
    Consumers want a single access point for everything available in their market. While many have tried and failed to solve this problem through hosting (the “Spotify for video” model”), Playpilot instead solves it through indexing, offering a service that let consumers explore all titles from all their services in one place - but redirects them to the source to watch them. Beyond aggregation and cross-service recommendations, Playpilot is heavily focused on making it easy for consumers to access recommendations from friends, family, or critics they follow. We believe that social curation through friends/influencers/critics is the key value driver in the aggregation space.

    How does it work?
    Search, browse and track everything from all your streaming services in one place.
    - Select your streaming services (both free and paid)
    - See where to watch any movie/show, play with one click
    - Browse using filters like IMDb-rating, genre or production year
    - Save titles you want to watch to your Watchlist
    - Get notified when Watchlisted movies/shows (or new episodes) arrive on your services
    - Mark titles as seen or rate them (seen titles can be hidden when browsing)
    - Follow friends or critics to explore their ratings and collections
    - Get daily recommendations from our team of knowledgeable editors
    - More than one person watching? Invite your friends to a Matchlist, swipe right on everything you want to watch, and let Playpilot find the mutual matches (like Tinder)

    Playpilot participated in the recent edition of Cannes NEXT at the Marché du Film that showcases new ideas, new technologies, new business models in the audiovisual sector.

    About the Author: David Mühle

    David has 15+ years of demonstrated success in technology/sales/marketing-leadership, within several of Sweden’s most valuable start-ups. Most recently David was VP Sales at Ooyala (US based, 500+ employees). He has an excellent track record of building successful global teams and has delivered sustained growth across all positions.

    About Playpilot https://www.playpilot.com/

    Playpilot was founded in 2015 and is Scandinavia's biggest streaming aggregator, featuring tens of thousands of titles. Playpilot is currently available in Sweden, Denmark and Norway yet more regions are coming soon. The company currently employs a team of 10+ talented tech-/media heads, several of which has held senior positions in some of Scandinavia's most prominent streaming/gaming/research/ad-tech/production companies. We are all working hard to make content discovery effortless, helping our users spend less time searching and more time watching!