Fliegauf’s Womb in Preproduction

By Gyorgy Karpati
    Berlin- and Locarno-Awarded Benedek Fliegauf's next film Womb will be shot in March, according to Andras Muhi, producer and head of Inforg Studio.

    Fliegauf, who made an impressive debut with his first feature film Forest in 2003, won the Wolfgang Staudte Award in Berlin. His second movie Dealer (2004) was also awarded in Berlin (Reader Jury of the "Berliner Zeitung") and won the Best Director prize at Hungarian Film Week. Fliegauf's last work was the experimental movie Milky Way, which won the Golden Leopard in Locarno.

    Fliegauf is now starting to make a romantic movie with Hungarian-German co-production. The Hungarian production partner will be Inforg Studio (www.inforgstudio.hu) and Andras Muhi the producer, and the German partner will be Razor Film (http://www.razor-film.de) with producers Gerhard Meixner and Paul Roman. Roman and Meixner have just won a Golden Globe Award in the best foreign language film category with their animated film Waltz With Bashir, directed by Ari Folman, and they are also nominated for an Academy Award in the same category.

    The budget for Womb is €3.1 million. €600,000 comes from the Motion Picture Foundation of Hungary (www.mmka.hu) and the movie also got €440,000 in support from Eurimages last year. The German partner is involved in the project to the sum of more than €1 million.

    Shooting will start in the middle of March on the North Sea coast near Hamburg and will take approximately 45 days. The world sales of the movie will be handled by Match Factory (www.the-match-factory.com).

    The premiere of the movie is planned for 2010.