FNE at Hungarian Film Week: Kolorádó Kid

By Dávid Dercsényi

    The beginning of production on Kolorádó Kid the debut film of journalist András Vágvölgyi B. dates back to 2006.

    The film was originally intended to be a story from the revolution 1956. Vágvölgyi wanted to make a latter-day film noir, based on documents and jail reports. However the emphasis changed, and the story line was moved to 1960; therefore the restoration of the communist system and the submission of society became a part of the story. The director describes the film as Vágvölgyi meets Tarantino.

    The production company is Cameofilm (www.cameofilm.hu). The budget was HUF 300 million, with a grant of HUF 25 million from MMKA. Additional support came from the NKA (www.nka.hu), and Magyar Fejlesztési Bank (www.mfb.hu).

    {mosimage}Director/script: András Vágvölgyi B.

    DOP: Dávid Lukács

    Editor: Wanda Kiss

    Production company: Cameofilm

    Producer: Attila Csáky

    Co-production partner: Parallel Pictures

    Co-producer: Bill Chamberlaine

    Cast: Zsolt Nagy, Lilla Sárosdy, Andrea Fullajtár

    Michael Kelly, Tibor Gáspár, Ferenc Elek

    Péter Kokics, Károly Hajduk

    Duration: 93 mins,

    {mosimage}Production information:

    Attila Csáky