FNE at KVIFF 2009: Glinska’s Piggies Scores Hit in Karlovy Vary

    KARLOVY VARY: Polish director Robert Glinski's Piggies, a tough film about child prostitutes working on the Polish German border, has already had a strong impact at its world premier in competition at KVIFF.

    After his hard hitting international success with Hi, Teresa another film about a child in trouble, Glinski teamed up with the film's first assistant director, Witold Isawzkiewidz to produce Piggies.

    "It's my first film as a producer," said Iwaszkiewidz who helms Widark Productions (www.widark.com), speaking at the Polish party in honour of Polish film in KVIFF, "the DoP for Piggies also worked on Hi, Teresa and we liked working together so after the film Glinski asked me produce a film for him so I started looking for the right story."

    Glinski is also a professor at the film school in Lodz and when one of his students told him about the child prostitutes working in the village where she came from he thought it was a good idea for a film. Iwaszkiewicz set about improving and adapting the story into a film script.

    In November 2005 he pitched the project at the coproduction forum at Cottubs film festival. "It was my first pitch and my first speech in English," he said but when Tomas Jeschner from Halle based 42 Films (www.42film.de) film heard the he was immediately hooked. He contacted Iwaszkiewicz and after several years of fundraising and other preparations the film rolled into production.

    "We shot for 33 days in the village on the Polish German border where the children had been working as prostitutes so while the film is fiction it is baesd on real life, said Iwaszkiewicz, "We used real children from the school there although of course they are not prostitutes."

    One of the most extraordinary things about the film is the young boy Filip Garbacz, who plays the young boy who becomes involved in prostitution, Tomek.

    "We searched for the right boy for six months and in the end we found him through an ad in the local newspaper," said Isawzkiewcz, "he was 14 years old at the time we shot and he was great. He is really talented and he already working on two other films."

    PIggies, with a budget of 1 m Euros was backed by the Polish Film Institute and Mitteldeutsche Medienforderung