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FNE at 2018 TIFF Romanian Days: The Story of a Summer Lover Featured

The Story of a Summer Lover by Paul Negoescu The Story of a Summer Lover by Paul Negoescu

CLUJ-NAPOCA: Paul Negoescu’s third feature film The Story of a Summer Lover aka Never Let It Go will screen in the Romanian Days at the 17th edition of Transilvania IFF running from 25 May to 3 June 2018. The film is a Romanian/Bulgarian coproduction.

The Story of a Summer Lover / Povestea unui pierde-vară is a bitter-sweet comedy about the difficult situations in which love can throw us and tells the story of Petru, a math professor at the Polytechnic University, and Irina, with whom he is in an open relationship. Petru wants to break up with Irina, but he changes his mind when she gets pregnant.

The main character is played by Alexandru Papadopol, who starred in and was one of the producers of Two Lottery Tickets / Două lozuri, Negoescu’s previous film.

After Two Lottery Tickets, an independent comedy produced by Actoriedefilm, became the domestic film with the best box office (540,000 EUR / 2,403,355 RON) in 2016, Negoescu managed to raise almost the complete 1 million EUR budget receiving funds from the Romanian Film Centre, the Bulgarian National Film Center, Eurimages, Creative Europe, Vodafone România and Zenith Media.

Negoescu is producing through the Romanian companies Papillon Film and N-Graphix in coproduction with Pavlina Angelova and Nikolay Todorov through Bulgaria’s Screening Emotions.

The script was developed at the Jerusalem International Film Lab. The film was shot in May 2017. The project was presented at the 2017 CineLink Work-in-Progress in the framework of Sarajevo Film Festival’s CineLink Industry Days.

RoImage 2000, one of the most important Romanian distributors, will release the film theatrically on 21 September 2018.

Production Information:

Papillon Film
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Screening Emotions
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Director: Paul Negoescu
Scriptwriter: Paul Negoescu
DoP: Ana Drăghici
Cast: Alexandru Papadopol, Nicoleta Lefter, Rolando Matsangos, Radu Romaniuc, Crina Semciuc


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