Slovakia gets Cinéfondation spot at Cannes

By Jana Kadlecová

    Slovak director Matyas Prikler's mid-length film Dakujem, dobre (Thanks, fine) will have its international premiere in the Cinéfondation selection at the Cannes film festival.

    Thanks, fine had an official premiere at the International Film Festival Bratislava (www.iffbratislava.sk) on November 29, 2009. It has won the prize of Slovak film critics in the category short and student films, and the best feature film at the international film festival of students films Early Melons in Bratislava. It was also nominated for the national film prize Sun in Net.

    "It was the only student film that did not received a grant from the Ministry of Culture (ww.culture.gov.sk)," said Prikler, whose production company Mphilms (www.mphilms.sk) produced the film together with the Academy of Drama and Music Arts in Slovakia (www.ftf.vsmu.sk). The Academy of Drama and Music Arts in Slovakia, where Prikler studied in that time, supported the film with 6,663 Eur. "We used 5,000 Euro for filming and the rest is being spent currently," Prikler told FNE.

    The crew and actors worked pro bono, as is typical for Slovak student films.

    Thanks, Fine had been planned as a full-length feature film. Due to lack of finances Prikler managed to film only one of the original stories planned for the film. "But I still would like to make it a full-length film," Prikler said, and will bring that vision with him to Cannes.

    The film is an intimate portrait of the family, which reflects the destruction of their relationships against the backdrop of the financial crisis.

    After Cannes, where it also screens in the Short Film Corner, Thanks, Fine will be screened at Artfilm Fest in Slovakia (www.artfilmfest.sk) where it has been selected for the international competition of short films. It will be also shown at the student film festival in Tel-Aviv.