Markíza Begins Broadcasting in 3D

By Dominika Uhríková

    BRATISLAVA: TV Markíza, Slovakia's leading private broadcaster, launched a 3D version of its entire content on 11 April 2011. The station is using telecommunication operator Orange Slovakia to provide the technology used to convert the channel's broadcasting from 2D into 3D directly at its studios.

    Orange (www.orange.sk) said in a statement that, compared to the 3D conversion of broadcasting enabled by most TV sets supporting 3D picture, the 3D effect is in this case is "more visible and stable and the picture does not flash thanks to a professional device placed directly on TV Markíza's premises which features incomparably higher parameters compared to devices used for TV set."

    The offer is available for subscribers of the basic package of Orange's Fiber TV Start service for no additional fee, but requires a 3D TV set with special glasses to receive the signal.

    For now, TV Markíza (www.markiza.sk), which is operated by Central European Media Enterprises (www.cetv-net.com), does not intend to air native 3D content (i.e. produced directly in 3D) due to higher costs associated with both the purchase and production of 3D programmes.