The Pop Up Film Residency welcomes talents from the Visegrad Countries in a special residency program

    Launched in January 2019 by founder and director of First Cut Lab and Full Circle Lab Matthieu Darras and Slovak producer Juraj Krasnohorský, the Pop Up Film Residency is a new type of film residency.

    The Pop Up Film Residency is run by filmmakers for filmmakers, usually hosts one resident at a time for a 3-week period, includes a truly tailor-made mentorship program, and can literally hatch out anywhere in the world. Residents are exclusively selected through a network of creative partners. An exception to the rule goes for experienced filmmakers, who can request a ‘Residency on Demand’.


    Aiming to encourage artistic collaborations in the Visegrad region (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia), Pop Up Film Residency breaks its rule of one residency at a time. A special program Pop Up Film Residency Visegradwill bring together three feature film projects from the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland in Bratislava, where they will be each matched with a Slovak feature film project and receive consultation from suited, carefully selected mentors.

    In partnership with Ji.hlavaInternational Documentary Film Festival in the Czech Republic, FrissHúsBudapest International Short Film Festival in Hungary, and New Horizons International Film Festival in Poland, this edition of Pop Up Film Residency Visegrad shall open a series of residencies with each of the countries hosting the Residency once. The initiative should run for at least 4 years.


    The partners, especially their ‘incubator activities’ played a key role in the selection procedure of the Czech, Hungarian, and Polish projects,as participation in the Emerging Producers programme of Ji.hlava IDFF, in Budapest Debut Film Forum at the FrissHúsBudapest ISFF, or in the New Horizons Studio+ was a prerequisite for application. The Slovak participants were chosen upon an open call for projects published on 10 December 2020.

    Quote by Matthieu Darras, Director of Pop Up Film Residency:

    “We are truly delighted about the 6 feature film projects taking part – a selection marked by diversity, gender parity and new talents, most projects being debut features. It’s striking how so many of the projects, despite their different film language approaches, are set within institutions (a school, a secret club, etc.) that are concentrates of Central European societies. And how these stories depict group dynamics that challenge figures of authority, ultimately revealing power abuses, violent practices and truth manipulations.”

    The 1st edition of Pop Up Film Residency Visegrad residents are:

    - Jan Gebert (Czech Republic) with his fiction feature debut Europa about a primitive self within the first world citizens that needs to be manifested and gets out of the closet dressed as a new hope.

    Jan Gebert's first feature documentary When the War Comes premiered at the Berlinale 2018 as the opening film of the section Panorama Dokumente, won major awards at several international festivals and received the Czech Film-Critics Award for the best Czech documentary 2018.Europa is produced by Radovan Síbrt, the Czech Emerging Producer of 2015.

    Quote bythe team:

    “Despite its young history, Pop Up Film Residency has already become a prestigious programme that offers the writers to fully focus on the project before them. For three weeks, it allows them to abandon the comfort zone of their own homes and, armed with feedback and recommendations of the mentor, dedicate themselves fully to the work.

    We feel honoured for getting the opportunity to participate in the programme, and believe it will help us to get a grasp the project, analyze it, and discuss it intensively, and in the end, to rebuild it stronger.”

    • BartłomiejŻmuda(Poland) and his fiction feature debut More, thestory of a woman who tries to prove to the world that she can cope with life. It turns out, she cannot.

    BartłomiejŻmuda graduated from the University of Wyszynski and the National Film School in Łódź. With experience in the music video industry, he directed awarded fiction and documentary short films and is currently completing a feature documentary The Miracle. More took part in the New Horizons Studio+ 2019

    Quote by Bartłomiej Żmuda:

    “We are in late development, aiming to finish and clean the script and close the budget. We see the Pop Up Film Residency Visegrad as a great initiative with an interesting mentorship program to reach this goal.”

    • Borbála Nagy (Hungary) with her fiction feature debut based on the actual eventsNothing to See Here, about a school prank that triggers a chain of events and the involved eventually face the autocracy of the system.

    Borbála Nagy, currently based in Berlin,studies at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). Her latest work, Land of Glory (2020) has won the prize of the best short film at the German Short Film Award. In 2017 Borbála was selected to the Talents Sarajevo, in 2020 to the Berlinale Talents.Borbála Nagy was a participant in the Budapest Debut Film Forum 2020.

    Quote by Borbála Nagy:

    “The Pop Up Film Residency for me means a safe space which is necessary during the vulnerable process of script development.”

    The Slovak Pop Up Residency Visegrad participants are:

    • Daniel Rihákand Ján Štiffel with fiction feature debut My World Upside Down, a comedy about a 12-year-old ardent altar boy Miško, living a normal life up to the moment when, as a result of a minor misunderstanding, the whole village starts to suspect him of being gay.

    Daniel Rihák’smost recent short film The Trip (2018) was shortlisted for BAFTA Student Film Awards.

    In 2019, JánŠtiffel wrote the scripts of short films by Štefánia LovasováOnly Plastics and Diamonds Are Forever and To the Stars, the latter selected for the Official Competition of BEAST International Film Festival and Zeitgeist Film Festival.

    Quote by the scriptwriters:

    “We believe it's very refreshing and inspiring to hear feedback from fellow filmmakers when developing our script. We need the feedback to make sure our characters and their story resonate in the right way.”

    - Jakub Medvecký with Cowgirl telling the story of a generational shift and the rebellion of children against the world of their parents. With its coming-of-age dramatic structure, it can shed light on the all-too-current subject of agricultural corruption in Slovakia, which ultimately has a decisive effect on our society. The combination of a local theme with Western genre elements carries a strong international potential.
    Jakub Medvecký’sfeature debut as a screenwriter,By a Sharp Knife (2019, dir. Teodor Kuhn) premiered at Shanghai International Film Festival and won various awards including Grand Prix for Best Feature Film at IFF Febiofest Prague, Special Prize for Best Director at Film Festival Cottbus. Currently, he also works on Victim (dir. Michal Blaško).
    Quote by Jakub Medvecký:
    “I am convinced that it is necessary to confront one's stories with 'outside views' already in the initial stages of writing, ensuring that the narrative is understandable not only locally but also globally and that its full potential can really shine through.”

    • Hannah Espia-Farbová with sophomore fiction featureEverything Will Be Fine, the filmmaker’s a love letter to her 20s, a story of a Filipina actress whose ambition is to write a script and who falls in love with a Slovak.

    HannahEspia-Farbováis a Slovakia-based Filipina filmmaker whose debut feature Transit was in the Busan IFF competition in 2013 and the Philippinesrepresentative for the Oscars. She is also only the third female director to win the prestigiousGawadUrian Award (Filipino Film Critics' Award) for Best Director in 40 years.

    Quote by Hannah Espia-Farbová:

    “Everything Will Be Fine started as a project in development in 2014, then titled Learning To Build A Fire. From 2017 to 2020, I took a hiatus from the project to pursue my master's degree. However, during that time, the script – a reflection of personal experiences and nuances – developed as I continued to carve life away from home. I see that the opportunity through Pop Up Film Residency Visegrad serves as the best platform for the project's revival because I recently moved to Bratislava from the USA amidst a global pandemic. I think this residency will provide me with the support and connections that I need in this region in order to help the project come to fruition.”


    Exploiting the idea of promoting local talents, Pop Up Film Residency found suiting mentors in Poland, Hungary, and Sweden:

    • Dénes Nagy – mentor for Europa and My World Upside Down

    Hungarian filmmaker, participant of the 2012 Berlinale Talents. His short fiction Soft Rain was first presented to the international audience in Cannes at the 45th Directors’ Fortnight selection, while his documentary Another Hungaryhad its premiere at the 43rd International Film Festival Rotterdam. He was awarded Silver Bear for the Best Director with his debut feature film Natural Light at the 71st Berlin Film Festival 2021.

    Quote from Dénes Nagy:

    “I know Matthieu Darras, the director of Pop Up Film Residency, for a long time. He mentored my films in many ways and when he calls me to become a mentor in his residency program, I feel honoured and join with pleasure.”

    • MichałOleszczyk – mentor for Nothing to See Here and Everything Will Be Fine

    A recognized Polish film critic, a former programmer for the Off Camera Film Festival and Artistic Director of Poland's largest festival of Polish films, Gdynia Film Festival (2013 – 2016), MichałOleszczyk currently works as an Assistant Professor at ArtesLiberales Department of University of Warsaw and teaches Script Development at Warsaw Film School, as well as a story editor with Canal+ Poland.

    Quote from MichałOleszczyk:

    “Pop UpFilm Residency seems to me like a fantastic idea, especially because of its innovative approach to matching projects and mentors. It presents a very personalized approach that facilitates one-on-one, feedback-intensive cooperation. I'm veryhonored to be contributing to the project.”

    • Helen Beltrame-Linné – mentor for More and Cowgirl

    Sweden-based Brazilian screenwriter and script consultant in fiction features and series, mostly in Brazil, the USA and Europe, where she has taken part in the TFL Script Lab, and in programs such as the Full Circle Lab and now also as the Pop Up Residency as a mentor. She is former CEO of The Bergman Center Foundation on the island of Fårö and festival director of the Bergman Week.

    Quote from Helen Beltrame-Linné:

    “The Pop Up Residency is a fantastic initiative to support original writers in their script development. I've always been impressed by the quality and diversity of the selection, and it's a pleasure to participate in 2021 as a mentor.”

    The Pop Up Film Residency Visegrad takes place in Bratislava, 10 – 31 May 2021.

    FrissHúsBudapest Intl. Short Film Festival (Hungary)
    Ji.hlava Intl. Documentary Film Festival (Czech Republic)
    New Horizons Intl. Film Festival, Wroclaw (Poland)

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