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The Film New Europe Association is main networking platform of professionals in the Central and Eastern Europe and Baltic region. The FNE Association board is made up of the heads of the most important film institutions in the region. The webportal Film New Europe with its FNE Daily newswire was chosen as the main tool to achieve the network’s objectives: FNE is the sharing of know how, visibility of regional cultural diversity and finally the voice of the region.  FNE is also a pan-European connection for the region and has partnerships and activities with the main pan-European film institutions based in Western Europe.

Marketa Hodouskova - General Manager, Film New Europe Association
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Chair of the Association - Edith Sepp
Executive Council: Hrvoje HribarMichal Bregant and Dariusz Jablonski

 FNE Association Members: 

    • Bosnia & Herzegovina: Elma Tataragić, Zoran Galic, BiH Producers Association
    • Bulgaria: Jana Karaivanova Head of the National Film Center of Bulgaria
    • Croatia: Daniel Rafaelić, Croatian National Film Center
    • Cyprus: Elena Christodoulidou/Cyprus Ministry of Culture and Education
    • Czech Republic: Michal Bregant: National Film Archives
    • Estonia: Edith Sepp: Director: Estonian Film Foundation
    • Georgia: Zurab Magalashvili: General Director:Georgian National Film Center
    • Macedonia: Gorjan Tozija, Macedonian Film Centre
    • Malta: Engelbert Grech Director: Malta Film Commission
    • Latvia: Dita Reituma: Director: National Film Centre of Latvia
    • Lithuania: Rolandas Kvietkauskas: Film Producer; Director of Lithuanian Film Information Centre
    • Poland: Magdalena Sroka, Director Polish Film Institute, Dariusz Jablonski (President Apple Films):Irena Strzalkowska: Deputy Director Tor Studios, Jacek Bromski President Polish Filmmakers Association.
    • Romania: Anca Mitran, Director, Romanian CNC
    • Serbia: Boban Jevtic, Serbian National Film Centre
    • Slovakia: Marian Urban, Head of Slovak Producers Association
    • Slovenia: Nataša Bučar Slovenian Film Centre

Executive advisor to the FNE Assoc Council: Martin Smatlak

Legal Counsel: Vladimir Kroupa


Honorary Advisory Board Members

Andrzej Wajda (Former Honourary Advisory Board member) - a Polish film director. Recipient of an honorary Oscar, he is one of the most prominent members of the Polish Film School.

Eva Zaoralova – an artistic director of the Karlovy Vary IFF, an outstanding journalist and translator; for many years she was the Vice President of the FIPRESCI; she continues to be a member of many festival juries.

Jan Svěrák is the most successful Czech film director since the Velvet Revolution in 1989. The Oscar winner 1997 for “Kolya”.

Joël Chapron – a correspondent in France, responsible for central Europe for UNIFRANCE

Krzysztof Zanussi is one of Poland’s most honoured and important Polish producers and film directors

Martin Šulík is a repeatedly awarded Slovak film director

Juraj Jakubisko is arguably the most esteemed living Slovak film director; he was several times voted the most significant Slovak film maker ever, by both the critics and the audience.

István Szabó is both the best-known and one of the most critically acclaimed Hungarian film directors

Lajos Koltai is a Hungarian cinematographer and film director best known for his work with legendary Hungarian director Istvan Szabo, and Italian filmmaker Giuseppe Tornatore. He was nominated for an Academy Award in 2000 for his work on the film Malèna.

Šarūnas Bartas – one of Lithuania’s most prominent film directors.

Peter Aspden - is the Financial Times’ arts writer, and former arts editor for five years