FNE at Red Square Screenings 2012: Gulfstream success spawns new Russian Latvian coproduction Featured

By Anna Franklin

MOSCOW: Horosho Productions is developing another Latvian production after its successful work on Gulfstream Under the Iceberg. 

Horosho has boarded Latvian director Andris Gauja’s Graduation Year, a social drama which is being produced by Gauja’s Producer Center Riverbed (www.riverbed.lv) and the Russian Horosho Productions (www.horprod.ru).

The 500,000 EUR project which had it’s final day of shooting in Riga this week will also shoot in Russia later this year.  It’s the story of a teacher of Russian language who comes to work in a school in Riga but ends up getting much more involved with her students than society allows.  The film is being shot in Latvian language.

Natalia Ivanova who presented the project in the Work-in-Progress at the Red Square Screenings in Moscow said the film also addressed the social issue of ethnic minorities particularly the problems of the Russian minority in Latvia. 

Horosho coproduced the big budget Gulfstream Under the Iceberg directed by Yevgeny Pashkevich together with Nidafilm (www.nidafilma.lv) which was screened in Moscow Film Festival main competition earlier this year.

Ekaterina Shavlova, executive producer at Horosho said:  “The Latvians are very professional and very experienced.  Working with them is a positive experience, but it’s hard to find money for the film when you work with small countries.”

Horosho is also in development on a new project, Two Women, a Russian, French, German coproduction starring Ralf Fiennes.  Ivanova said Horosho plan to tap Eurimages for funding for the 2.8-3m EUR budget production as well as applying to the Russian Cinema Fund.  The film is set to shoot in Russia in summer 2013.