RIGA: The Riga International Film Festival's industry activities, presented under the umbrella name of Riga IFF Forum, are focused this year on short films, XR and animation, showcasing new Latvian films and highlighting the role of women in the Baltic film industry. Panel discussions, talks and presentations run onsite in Riga and online from 15 - 21 October 2021.

RIGA: The Latvian director Signe Birkova is concluding postproduction on her documentary Ring of Fire / Ugunsaplis, which focuses on a group of four actors who have formed their own theatre company Kvadrifons and started to stage plays in the 130 year-old building of the Riga Circus. The film is produced by Uldis Cekulis for VFS Films.

RIGA: Estonia’s largest entertainment company Apollo Group will open two leisure centres with cinemas in shopping malls in Riga in October 2021, with an investment amounting to 11 m EUR.The first Apollo kino venue belonging to the company was opened in Latvia in 2019 at the shopping mall Akropole.

RIGA: The international sales and aggregation outfit LevelK has boarded the Latvian/Belgian comedy Samuel’s Travels by Aik Karapetian, which will have its world premiere at Fantastic Fest in the USA at the end of September 2021.

RIGA: Danish drama The Bereaved / Hvidstengruppen2– de efterladte by Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis has wrapped shooting in Latvia, serviced by Film Angels Studio. The Latvian shooting was supported by the Latvian National Film Centre within the co-financing programme grants.

RIGA: Latvian director Dace Pūce’s debut feature The Pit / Bedre (2020) will be available to Eastern Europe's viewers through a new license agreement with HBO Europe, inked by the Italian international sales company TVCO. Earlier, the German theatrical distributor Arsenal Filmverleih had acquired all rights to the film for German speaking territories.

RIGA: Latvian director Ivars Tontegode is currently shooting a teenage drama Anna LOL, produced by Mojo Raiser Production and KIB Kultivators. The film was supported by the National Film Centre of Latvia with a grant in the low-budget film competition from specific additional COVID-19 funding for the industry in 2020.

RIGA: The National Film Centre of Latvia has distributed 300,000 EUR to four Latvian minority coproductions originating in Italy, Estonia, and Lithuania (two projects). The projects include three feature films and one documentary.

RIGA: The International Documentary Film Festival Artdocfest ran in Riga and outside the city from 28 April to 3 May 2020. The main prize was awarded to Silent Voice directed by Reka Valerik, while the main prize of the Baltic Focus competition was awarded to Restless Memories by Latvian director Elīna Lange-Ionatamishvili.

RIGA: The 17th edition of the Latvian Film Marathon will be held online on 4 May 2021. The annual event is organised by the National Film Centre of Latvia to celebrate the date of the reinstitution of Latvia's independence in 1990. The films will be available on the platform filmas.lv in partnership with the Culture Information Systems Centre (KISC) at exact screening times starting from 11 am, adjusted to different time zones.

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