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A new Slovak documentary looks at the struggles of young Slovak artists entering the job market.

Producer Pavel Bercik dips into the topic of Czech Beer in an upcoming documentary.

Lukas Pribyl, director of the Forgotten Transports series of documentaries, is working on a portrait of Czech expatriate H.G. Skilling.

Czech TV is producing a documentary on the effects of being raised inside a prison by an incarcerated mother.

Producer Radim Prochazka looks at the efforts of a man to clear the name of his father, a rabbi at the Terezin concentration camp who decided which inmates would be sent to Auschwitz.

Andrea Culkova takes a personal look at the addiction to sugar.

Miroslav Janek is in production with a documentary by the first wife of the late Czech President Vaclav Havel, Olga 80.

Winners were announced for the East Silver Market which took place at the 17th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.

Gottland is an omnibus film based on a Polish bestseller and directed by six FAMU film school students.

Czech producer Jiri Konecny looks at the disgraced subject of selective human breeding.