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FNE 2019 Agenda for Coproduction Markets, Pitchings and Works-in-Progress 2014-01-31






NISI MASA European Short Pitch - The Scriptwriting Workshop, Bratislava (Slovakia)

7-12 January

EAVE + 2nd edition, Luxembourg

9-12 January

Eastweek– Scriptwriting Workshop for New Talents within Trieste Film Festival (Italy)

17-22 January

CineMart within Rotterdam Film Festival (Netherlands)

26 January- 29 January

Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market within Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival (France)

31 January-8 February


Berlinale Coproduction Market (9-11 February) and European Film Market (6-14 February) within Berlin IFF (Germany)

6-16 February (festival dates)

B2B Belgrade Industry Meetings within Belgrade International Film Festival (Republic of Serbia)

28 February-9 March (festival dates)


NISI MASA European Short Pitch - The Pitching Session, Luxembourg


East European Forum (3-9 March), Dok Tank in Prague (5-7 March) and Project Market in Prague (6-7 March) within East Doc Platform - One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Prague (Czech Republic)

3-12 March (festival dates)

EAVE European Producers Workshop 1, Luxembourg

10-17 March

Documentary in Europe- Raccontare l’avventura, workshop and pitching forum for documentaries – 1st part, Trento (Italy)

15-16 March, 27-30 April, 1 May

Sofia Meetings within Sofia International Film Festival (Bulgaria)

13-16 March

Docs in Thessaloniki/Pitching Forum within Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (Greece) 

22-23 March


MIPTV, Cannes (France)

7-10 April

East-West Talent Labs, goEast - Festival of Central and Eastern European Film in Wiesbaden (Germany)

9-15 April (festival dates)

Sino-Foreign Film Co-production Forum and Film Market (17-19 April) within Beijing IFF (China)

16-23April (festival dates)

Ties That Bind – EAVE Asia-Europe Producers Workshop within Udine Far East Film Festival (Italy)

25 April-3 May

Docs in Progress (29 April) and Pitching du Reel (30 April) at Doc Outlook - International Market, Visions du Reel IFF, Nyon (Switzerland)

25 April – 3 May

EAVE TIES THAT BIND Asia - Europe Producers Workshop1 at Udine Far East Film Festival (Italy)

29 April-3May

Animation Co-Production Day Forum (25-27 April) and Animation Production Day (24-25 April) within Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (Germany)

22-27 April (festival dates)

Hot Docs Industry Conference and Market, within Canadian International Documentary Festival,Toronto (Canada)

28 April-2 May


Visegrad Animation Forum, Anifilm, International Festival of Animation Films, Třeboň (Czech Republic)

8-11 May

Producers Network, Marché du Film, Cannes Film Festival (France)

14-23 May

Producers on the Move in Cannes (France)

17-19 May

Pitching Forum - Docs Barcelona, International Documentary Film Festival (Spain)

26 May-1 June

Transilvania Pitch Stop and Transilvania Film Festival Fund (Romania)

30 May-8 June


Pitchs MIFA within International Animation Film Market (MIFA), Annecy Animated Film Festival (France)

10-13 June

EAVE European Producers Workshop 2 in Bolzano (Italy)

16-23 June

Moscow Business Square with the Moscow Co-Production Forum within Moscow IFF (Russia)

21-24 June

Sunny Side of the Doc, La Rochelle (France)

23-26 June


Works in Progress (7 July), Docu Talents from the East (8 July) and Pitch &Feedback (8 July) within Karlovy Vary IFF (Czech Republic)

4-12 July (festival dates)

NISI MASA Script FilmLab at Lago IFF (Italy)

10-21 July

Ex Oriente Film Workshop, the 1st session (Find Your Originality), Rijeka (Croatia)

21-26 July

New Horizons Studio, T-Mobile New Horizons Film Festival, Wroclaw (Poland)

27-30 July


CineLink within Sarajevo International Film Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

20-23 August

Nordic Co-Production and Finance Market, Norwegian International Film Festival, Haugesund (Norway)

20-21 August


Producers Lab Toronto (Canada)

3-6 September

Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries, Riga (Latvia)

3-7 September

Baltic Bridge East by West (B’EST) Producers’ Workshop in St. Petersburg (Russia)

10-14 September

Cartoon Forum: European co-production forum - Animated TV series, Toulouse (France)

23-26 September

Films in Progress and Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum within San Sebastian IFF (Spain)

22-24 September

Holland Film Meeting - Netherlands Film Festival, Utrecht (Netherlands)

25-28 September


EAVE The Ties that Bind 2014 workshop within Busan IFF (South Korea)

2-11 October

Busan Asian Project Market – Busan IFF, Seoul, South Korea 

6-8 October

Euro Mediterraneo Coproduction Forum, Taranto (Italy) 

9-11 October

CentEast within Warsaw International Film Festival (Poland)

10-19 October (festival dates)

MIPCOM, Cannes (France)

13-16 October

Lisbon Docs, Docslisboa within Lisbon International Documentary Film Festival (Portugal)

14-18 October

Film London Production Finance Market within BFI London Film Festival (Great Britain)

15-16 October

Emerging Producers within Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival (Czech Republic)

22-26 October

Ex Oriente Film Workshop, the 2nd session (Production & Story Development) – Jihlava (Czech Republic)

22-28 October

Boat Meeting Coproduction Market within Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist (Ukraine)

25 October-2 November (festival dates)

DOK Leipzig Co-production Meeting within Dok Leipzig (Germany)

27 October-28 October

EAVE European Producers Workshop 3 in Köln (Germany)

27 October-3 November


Crossroads Co-production Forum (5-8 November) and Agora Works in Progress (6 November) within Thessaloniki IFF (Greece)

31 October-9 November (festival dates)

Connecting Cottbus within Cottbus International Film Festival (Germany)

6-7 November

Mannheim Meeting Place within Mannheim International Film Festival (Germany)

6-16 November (festival dates)

IDFA Docs for Sale (21-28 November) and IDFA The Forum (24-26 November) within International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (Netherlands)

19-30 November (festival dates)

TorinoFilmLab – Meeting Event, Torino Film Festival (Italy)

24-26 November

Baltic Bridge East by West (B’EST) producers’ workshop within Baltic Event in Tallin (Estonia)

24-28 November

Baltic Event - Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (Estonia)

25-28 November


3D Financing Market, Liège (Belgium)

9-10 December