Jihlava IDFF 2014 Industry Newsletter 7

Early Bird Industry Accreditation

Why not take part in all the various sections of our Industry Programme? In addition to regular festival screenings, the Emerging Producers presentation, panel discussions or the public part of the Ex Oriente Film workshop, you can use the opportunity to access the East Silver Market including a video library offering over 290 films comprising the latest production from several dozen countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Don’t hesitate and get your Industry accreditation! Early Bird accreditation for a reduced price of 600 CZK/22 EUR is available till September 10 HERE.

Register for Festival Identity: a Platform Bringing Festival Professionals Together

A key part of the Industry Programme is the Festival Identity platform, offering a structured programme focusing on a diverse range of issues encountered by festival directors and programmers. It provides a space for film festival representatives to exchange experience and share their opinions on how to shape the face of their festivals, what methods of financing to choose or what programming strategies to employ. Join in to shape the face of the film festival community! The registration deadline is September 15, 2014.

Best Festival Poster Competition

Aside from discussions and presentations, Festival Identity also organises the Best Festival Poster Competition, which has so far seen posters from over 50 film festivals from across three different continents. In the past, the award went e.g. to DOK Leipzig, Canadian Hot Docs or Lithuanian Kino pavaris. Don’t hesitate and register your festival posters!
The registration deadline is September 15, 2014.

Inspiration Forum Deadline is Nearing!

Creative ideas don’t come from nowhere. A four-day meeting of ten selected directors from across the globe and notable figures from outside the film world provides a unique platform which fosters inspiration and collaborative exchange of ideas. The Inspiration Forum has so far hosted e.g. the Chinese writer, Gao Xiangjian, the Pakistani journalist and activist Tariq Ali or the Sarajevo artist, Šejla Kamerić, but also members of artistic and activist groups, Vojna and Femen. The aim of the Inspiration Forum is to spark a debate on various cultural and social topics.
The registration deadline is September 15, 2014.

Achievements of Our Emerging Producers

The participants of our project promoting talented documentary film producers, Emerging Producers, always keep busy. Vesela Kazakova stirred a controversy with her documentary, Uncle Tony, Three Fools and the Secret Service, on the ties of a famous animator to the secret services in Bulgaria. Instead of receiving support from her colleagues and state institutions, the documentary came close to being banned. Fortunately, the film had its international premiere last week at the Sarajevo Film Festival. A portrait of one of the pioneers of electro-acoustic music, Eugeniusz Rudnik, and an experiment touching... More...

Floating Cinema: Film Screenings on London’s Waterways

In a unique environment dominated by a special festival boat, Jihlava showcased a weekend selection of documentary films accompanied with discussions with the filmmakers and imaginative workshops held in London as part of the fourth edition of the popular project, Floating Cinema. Among others, the audience could see a British premiere of the documentary, Kateřina Šedá: Mythmaking, including a Q&A with the portrayed artist, Kateřina Šedá, who has been producing her conceptual and, at the same time, socially relevant projects... More...

Living Cinema: Screenings at  Non-traditional Venues in Prague and Jihlava

Jihlava and Prague come alive with films screened in a moving trolleybus, in an editing room, in a valley and at other unusual venues. The traditional project, Living Cinema – this year taking place on August 22 – 31 – will for the eleventh time bring documentary film screenings to non-traditional venues in Jihlava and, for the seventh time also in Prague. The venues have been selected in line with the themes of the screened films. Jihlava will see a selection of last year’s documentaries from the competition section, Czech Joy, at various public spaces that are related to the... More...

Visit Brazil with Doc Alliance Films

Do you know why documentary film in Brazil has a longer history than fiction film? Which trends and topics have dominated Brazilian documentary film in the last decade, and where to look for the best contemporary Brazilian film reviews? On the occasion of the weekly selection of 4 contemporary and award-winning films from the É Tudo Verdade festival programme offered for free at DAFilms.com, the festival team also brings an exclusive interview with the founder and director of the Brazilian festival, Amir Labaki!