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Karlovy Vary IFF Collaboration with MIDPOINT, Trieste FF and WEMW to present treated projects in development from the East of the West territory

Festivals 2017-07-05

Karlovy Vary IFF announces a new collaboration with MIDPOINT, Trieste FF and When East Meets West – a unique training and development program for emerging talents from Central and Eastern Europe* aimed at scouting the most talented filmmakers & producers of the future.

The one year program will feature two workshops focusing on project development, including financing and co-production opportunities, a brand new project market and a follow up session.
Every year, the four organizers will jointly select feature film projects of at least 9 teams of writers, directors and producers who will go through an intense 4 module program:

•    1st Workshop @Eastweek in collaboration with Trieste FF. During the first workshop taking place in January 2018 in Trieste, selected participants will focus on script development, financing strategies and pitching skills.
•    2nd Workshop @MIDPOINT – In the frame of the second workshop to be held in April 2018 (location TBA),  teams will work intensively not only on script development of their projects but also on packaging, marketing, gap financing, distribution strategies and legal aspects of co-productions.
•    Project Showcase @KVIFF – A minimum of nine selected projects will be presented at this international industry event  to industry experts, including funders, producers, sales agents, distributors, training providers and festival programmers with the aim to discover and promote projects of emerging filmmakers (market premieres) from the respective region.
•    Feature Launch Spotlight @ WEMW – To close the cycle of the one year program, WEMW to be held in January 2019 will invite once again the producers of all selected projects from 2018 to Trieste to offer them the chance to have a follow up with their potential artistic and financing partners. Starting from 2020 WEMW will become this new project’s Alumni meeting place.

Hugo Rosák, Head of Film Industry at KVIFF said: “Our Festival is gladly joining this collaboration with these strong partners because it means we can provide our industry guests with a new platform to showcase well scouted, developed and packaged projects from our region which are ready for production. These will receive proper treatment which will make them well prepared and ready to seek co-production. The project is also nicely complementary to our Works in Progress presentation and also our East of the West Competition as it stays within the same territory. Attending industry professionals will have a chance to follow up on our projects in different stages of their lifecycle.”