VIA CARPATIA by Klara Kochańska and Kasper Bajon Selected for the East of the West Competition in Karlovy Vary

Via Carpathia by Klara Kochańska and Kasper Bajon Via Carpathia by Klara Kochańska and Kasper Bajon

Piotr and Julia  have been planning their holidays for months. They have even made sure that their only protégé - a turtle - could travel with them safely. Unfortunately, their plans are ruined by Piotr's mother: she wants Piotr to bring home his father, a refugee, who has been staying for months at one of the camps in Greece. Despite his strong doubts Piotr agrees to take the challenge. And so instead of an all-inclusive holiday, the married couple starts on a tiring journey to the South, during which they will have to answer some fundamental questions ...

Directors' statement: “When we thought about this movie, we thought that we can’t tell the story of refugees , because being a refugee is not our experience, but we thought about our experience, about how we are looking at the problem of insensitivity in the modern society and middle-class hypocrisy in Europe -  our own hypocrisy. The effect is an intimate, independent road movie, which was made in collective method with a lot of creative freedom.”


Directors: Klara Kochańska i Kasper Bajon
Script: Kasper Bajon, Klara Kochańska, Julia Kijowska, Paweł Borowski based on the idea by Kasper Bajon
DOPs: Zuza Kernbach, Julian A. Ch. Kernbach
Editors: Marcin Sucharski, Barbara Fronc
Art Director: Justyna Suwała
Cast: Julia Kijowska, Piotr Borowski, Bajram Severdžan, Dorota Pomykała

World rights available.
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Producer: Mental Disorder 4 Agnieszka Kurzydło (Poland
Co-producers: Sektor Film Angela Nestorovska, Vladimir Anastasov (Macedonia)
Heaven’s Gate Viktor Tauš (Czech Republic)
Chimney Poland Marcin Drabiński, Zuzanna Hencz
Sound Mind Michał Fojcik (Poland)
Kijora Film Anna Gawlita, Tomasz Wolski (Poland)
Supported by the Polish Film Institute, the Czech Film Fund and the Macedonian Film Agency

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