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Admissions and Box Office on the Rise in Bosnia and Herzegovina Featured

Men Don't Cry by Alen Drljević Men Don't Cry by Alen Drljević

SARAJEVO: Admissions to domestic films in Bosnia and Herzegovina show 46.9 percent increase, while total admissions increased by 17.81 percent. Two domestic films were theatrically released in 2017 compared to one domestic film in 2016.

Information about 2017 admissions and Box Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina shows a rise in both, in comparison with data from 2016. Total admissions increased by 17.81 percent from 919,016 admissions in 2016 to 1,082,708 admissions in 2017. Total box office increased by 21 percent from 2,395,166 EUR / 4,684,479 KM in 2016 to 2,897,107 EUR / 5,666,249 KM in 2017. 

Admissions to domestic films increased by 46.9 percent from 1,641 admissions in 2016 to 2,410 admissions in 2017. Domestic films’ gross increased by 59.5 percent from 4,204 EUR / 8,222 KM in 2016 to 6,708 EUR / 13,121.5 KM in 2017.

Two domestic films were released in 2017 - Men Don’t Cry / Muškarci ne plaču, the debut feature by Alen Drljević, produced by Deblokada in coproduction with Iridium Film, Produkcija Živa, Manderley Films, This and That and CinePlanet, and Dead Fish / Mrtve ribe, directed by Kristijan Milić and produced by Eurofilm and Oktavijan. 

With 2,366 admissions and 6,584.16 EUR / 12,877.5 KM gross in regular cinema distribution Men Don’t Cry proved to be more popular in the cinemas than both Dead Fish with 44 admissions and 119.64 EUR / 234 KM gross and Danis Tanović’s Death in Sarajevo / Smrt u Sarajevu (SCCA/pro.ba, Margo Films), that was the only domestic film in the cinemas in 2016 and had 1,641 admissions and 4,204 EUR / 8,222 KM gross.


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