PRODUCTION: Bulgarian Director Popzlatev Shooting Wreckage

PRODUCTION: Bulgarian Director Popzlatev Shooting Wreckage Ivailo Hristov. Credits: Simon Varsano

SOFIA: Award-winning director Peter Popzlatev is completing shooting on his new feature film Wreckage

Internationally renowned for his 1989 debut Me, the Countess Popzlatev also shot seven creative documentaries. Wreckageis his fifth feature film.

The shoot started on 14 December 2014 and has been carried out intermittently. It is planned to end by 2 August 2015.

The nearly 775,000 EUR film is a coproduction between Popzlatev’s Postscriptum 2 and France’s MACT Productions.

The script is based on the 2003 epic novel Decay by established Bulgarian writer Vladimir Zarev. It was translated into German, English and Russian and was republished ten times.

The former rector of the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts and Executive Director of CILECT Stanislav Semerdjiev wrote the script.

Semerdjiev told FNE, “Zarev’snearly 600 page literary work is an exceptionally strong summary of the last decade of the 20th century. The author is constantly looking for the roots of the devastation and the tragic events that happened in our lives after 1989.” Semerdjiev, who wrote the adaptation in less than a year, said, “The biggest difficulty was how to concentrate the plot lines, the characters and the dialogue.”

The DoP is Stefan Ivanov, who is based in Montreal. The parts of the two main protagonists, a sensitive writer and a brutal businessman, are played by Leonid Iovchev and Rushi Vidinliev. The film will be shot on locations primarily in Sofia, and near the Bulgarian-Serbian border and in the Black Sea town Sozopol. 

Production Information:

Postscriptum 2
9, “September 6-th” Str
Sofia – 1121
+359 2 418 24 75
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Director: Peter Popzlatev
Script: Stanislav Semerdjiev, based on Vladimir Zarev’s novelDecay
DoP: Stefan Ivanov
Production designer: TitaIvanova
Costumes designer: Elena Ivanova
Sound: Vladimir Kaloianov
Editing: MadlenRadicheva

Cast: Rushi Vidinliev, Leonid Iovchev, Ivailo Hristov, Irini Jambona, Svetlana Yancheva, Miroslava Gogovska, Krasimir Dokov, Itschak Fintzi, Maria Statulova