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FNE at the Golden Rose National Film Festival: Memories of Fear Featured

Memories of Fear by Ivan Pavlov Memories of Fear by Ivan Pavlov

VARNA: Ivan Pavlov’s Memories of Fear will screen in the main competition of the 34th Golden Rose National Film Festival (19-25 September 2016). The script was written by Krassimir Kroumov-Gretz, a highly respected writer, director and film analyst, who passed away in 2015.

A small group of intellectuals located in a deserted village on the Black Sea is passing through hard personal experiences caused by the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. A dissident writer, his wife (who is an artist), a starting film director and a young man whose brother is sent to Prague as a soldier are among the main characters of the film.

The film was produced by Art 47 in association with Audiovisual Orpheus and Doli Media Studio as national coproducers. The film was selected for a national support of 588,000 EUR from the Bulgarian National Film Center by the end of 2008.

Popular actor/director Ivaylo Hristov plays the writer. Ovanes Torosyan, Milko Jovchev, Jordanka Stefanova and Stefan Mavrodiev are co-starring.

“In 1968 I was rather young and I did not quite understand what exactly was happening in Czechoslovakia. This character helped me understand how low the confidence of people during the totalitarian period was”, Ivailo Hristov told FNE.

Shooting took place not far from the Lozenetz Black sea village in autumn 2014. Svetla Ganeva is the DoP. Domestic distribution has not been announced yet.

According to some members of the crew, the inspiration for the film came from the work of cult dissident poet Konstantin Pavlov. Ivan Pavlov’s wish was to incorporate in Memories of Fear episodes that could not enter in his debut feature Mass Miracle (1981, Boyana Studio), written by Konstantin Pavlov.

Ivan Pavlov’s previous films are Hanging with an Angel, 1990, From a Scratch, 1996 and Fate as a Rat, 2003, all of them produced by Actpik.

Production Information:

Art 47
3, Yantra Str.
Sofia 1124
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Audiovisual Orpheus
Samokov blv.60
1113, Sofia
Phone: +359.2.8660048
Fax: +359.2.8659186
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Doli Media Studio
47, Levski-G
Sofia -1836
Phone: +359 2 9036161
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Director: Ivan Pavlov
Scriptwriter: Krasimir Krumov-Grez
DoP: Svetla Ganeva
Composer: Bojidar Petkov
Cast: Ivaylo Hristov, Ovanes Torosyan, Milko Jovchev, Jordanka Stefanova, Stefan Mavrodiev



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