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American Series Dig Shoots in Croatia Featured

Dubrovnik Dubrovnik credit: anjoyadria.com

ZAGREB: The series Dig set to premiere on USA Network this autumn will be partially shot in Croatia for approximately two weeks starting 1 September 2014 with local company Embassy Films providing with services.

Dig has already applied for the 20% cash rebate scheme from the Croatian Audiovisual Centre. The series, a mystery thriller directed by S.J. Clarkson, will be shot in Split, Trogir and Dubrovnik between 1 and 16 September 2014. The plot takes place in Jerusalem, where an FBI agent investigating a murder finds himself trapped in a 2000-year-old conspiracy.

The series stars Jason Isaacs, Anne Heche and Alison Sudol. It comes from Universal Cable Productions (UCP) and was created by Tim Kring (Heroes) and Gideon Raff (Homeland), who are also the executive producers.

The pilot was shot in Jerusalem but due to the current events, shooting was relocated to New Mexico (USA) and Croatia. As a consequence, the script was changed and part of the story is happening now in Croatia. “Fifteen Croatian actors will appear in the series and they will speak Croatian,” executive producer Erika Milutin told FNE.

Embassy Films is also working these days for the fifth season of HBO’s series Game of Thrones, set to start shooting in Croatia this week.

Embassy Films
Masarykov put 10 20000
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Phone: +385.20.436.009
Fax: +385.20.400.450
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Erika Milutin, Executive Producer: +385.917.316.552
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