FNE at FINALE Plzen FF: Competition: Unknown Hour

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Unknown Hour, a Czech/Slovak co-production from director Dan Svátek screening in the Finale main competition, is based on a grisly story that captured news headlines in the Czech Republic.

Svátek co-wrote the script with Miroslav Skačáni, based on Skačáni's non-fiction book. The story tells of the case of the "Heparin Killer," a young male nurse, unsuccessful in his attempts to enter medical school, who injected elderly patients with deadly doses of heparin, causing a series of deaths among Czech hospital patients.

The film was produced by Brasca, Holiday Films (www.holidayfilms.cz), and Peter Neveďal for Filmpark Slovakia (www.filmpark.sk), along with TV Barrandov (www.barrandov.tv) and AVION Film (www.avion.net). The 95-minute film is distributed by SPI International Czech Republic (www.spi-film.cz) and premiered in Czech cinemas on August 27, 2009.

Production Information:

Director/Editor: Dan Svátek

Screenplay: Miroslav Skačáni, Dan Svátek

Dramaturgy:Martin Novosad, Ales Jurda

Camera: Jakub Simunek

Music: Varhan Orchestrovic Bauer

Set design: Ivo Navrat

Costumes: Zuzana Navratova

Sound: Petr Kapeller, Stano Kolar, Blazej Vidlicka

Cast: Vaclav Jiracek, Ivan Franek, Marian Geisberg, Stanislav Zindulka, Jana Krausova, Zuzana Kronerova, Petra Nesvacilova, Marko Igonda, David Svehlik, Zita Kabatova