By Martin Aadamsoo

Bank Robbery, a feature debut from Andrus Tuisk opened in Estonia on October 23.

The director has long established himself as a short film and commercials director but has waited for years to get a his hands on a full-length feature.

The reported budget of 416,000 EUR is modest even by Estonia's standards. The film is produced by Manfred Vainokvi of Filmivabrik, Tuisk's long-time collaborator and previous partner in a joint advertising production company. Also unusually for Estonia, the film is shot mostly with domestic funding, with some MEDIA money for development. The film was chosen for the Focus on World Cinema section at this year's Montreal World Film Festival.

The picture tells the story of a boy called Hannes, a pushed-around weakling suffering from school harassment and lack of parental love, and his uncle Madis, a former boxer and lifelong criminal just released from prison. The two link up as Hannes is looking for a father figure in his life, and the boy turns out to be a master manipulator. Hannes's manoeuverings lead Madis back to crime culminating with a tragic bank robbery.

Tuisk's short film Family business (2003) won the Best Short award at Mannheim-Heidelberg International Filmfestival.



Original title: Pangarööv

Director: Andrus Tuisk

Script: Mihkel Ulman

DoP: Manfred Vainokivi

Art design: Manfred Vainokivi

Original score: Vaiko Eplik

Costume: Anu Lensment

Make-up: Tiina Leesik

Sound Recording: Mart Kessel-Otsa

Production Manager: Marju Lepp

Producer Manfred Vainokivi, Filmivabrik

Principal cast:

Madis - Hannes Kaljujärv
Hannes - Henri Kuus
Milvi - Karin Tammaru
Lagle - Marilyn Jurman
Hannes' father - Indrek Taalmaa
Hannes' mother - Marika Barabantshikova

Length: 91 min