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Szomjas preps new film

Gyorgy Karpati 2009-04-06
Director Gyorgy Szomjas (The Sun Street Boys, Vagabond) is in preproduction with Against the Eastern Wind (Szemben a keleti szellel), for an October shoot, the director told FNE.

The film is produced by Tivoli Film Productions (www.tivolifilms.com). Tivoli's managing director Denes Szekeres told FNE that negotiations with international production companies are underway, The budget of the movie is not finalized yet.

The story is about two musicians who are traveling from a Provance village to Budapest to play in a concert.

The film stars French-born ethno-musician Michel Montanaro (aka Miqueu Montanaro) and his son Baltazar Montanaro.

Some 90% of the movie will be music, the director said, with a style similar to The Buena Vista Social Club. The film will be cast largely with musicians, with no professional actors and actresses.

The premier of the movie is planned for the 2010 Hungarian Film Week. The distribution rights of the film are still available.

Company info:

Tivoli Film Productions

Denes Szekeres, Managing director (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Huvosvolgyi str. 141, 1021 Budapest, Hungary

Tel: +36 1 275 2320

Fax: +36 1 200 6858

Director: Gyorgy Szomjas

Cinematography: Zoltan Denes

Production: Tivoli Film Productions (Hungary)

Producer: Denes Szekeres


Michel Montanaro

Baltazar Montanaro

Marta Sebestyen

Csaba Okros

Vujicsics Ensemble

Söndörgö Ensemble

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